It’s been 15 years since my mom passed away. A day that is scarred into my memory for what feels like a minute by minute play by play every November 12. I thought about writing this whole thing about how grief has changed over these years. How before it felt like a nonstop hole in […]

It’s funny how things change. 4 years ago when Riley was a baby, milk bath photos I felt like I mostly saw was with only the mother, especially pregnant mothers. Being a new mom, it wasn’t that appealing to me to do. Maybe it was because I was uncomfortable with my body? But as these […]

If my post about 2019 wasn’t enough of a whirlwind, I’m sure we can all relate when I say that 2020 has been both the fastest and slowest year we’ve ever had. It may be just getting through the new baby phase, but to me every day seems like it just flies. We wake up […]

During this time of social distancing, photography is one of the many businesses taking a hit. Photos are so important for those big moments, so until this passes, I wanted to create a list of my favorite shots to get during newborn/fresh 48 sessions that you can do yourself. Babies grow so fast and I […]

Our lives have been changed on February 15, 2020! For the last 9 months, we waited and waited to see if our little surprise would be a baby girl or a baby boy. Almost everyone thought we had a boy in our midst, and even I thought so too. We nicknamed my bump little earthquake […]

Wow! 2019 was very much a whirlwind. I swear these years just keep going by faster and faster. While I wanted to really focus on my business, it really didn’t seem to go that way. I ended up getting burnt out and juggled way too many things. And while it left me a little frustrated, […]





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