Hi Friends!!

I’m so happy to see you stop by! I made this blog to be a place I can make a second home base that feels more intimate with my friends. Here I will be sharing material on photography, photography sessions, portfolio work along with a bunch of personal, parenting/ mommy stuff!

I want you to be able to learn who I am, and what I’m up to along with also being able to share my thoughts on photography, why it’s important, and of course showing off all the beautiful families I get to make relationships with on the island. I hope you take some time to browse the blog and find something you like and even more so, I hope that one day soon we will get to hang out on the beach or have an adventure that eventually brings some awesome photos into your life. Or maybe it’s just going out for ice cream. Either way I hope you stick around!

Below is my current posting schedule.

Every Monday– Personal/Parenting/Mommy Posts

Every Thursday– Photography Posts

Find me weekdays on Instagram @sharonholck (weekends is family time!)

Enjoy yourself and leave some comments. I’d love to hear from you and learn more about you too!



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