I have been soooooo excited to see this movie and it did not disappoint!! I was so happy that they decided to keep the classic music that we knew. The movie I felt had a nice blend of what we already knew and loved into the live action setting but keeping some of their broadway […]

I did this session a couple months ago for my dear friend Sasha and her family. They were expecting their first girl after having to awesome and energetic boys. They chose Lanikai as their location because not only do they live close and it feels like home, it is also their favorite beach to visit […]

Yes! Yes! Yes! Well I gotta start this review with saying how jealous I am that my hubs got to go live his best life and see this movie with his best buds at Skywalker Ranch. From what I hear, the tour they received was amazing along with the sound is going to spoil him […]

Riley saw this trailer during one of our other movies and has been asking daily to watch it. When I saw that it was out today and Tony was going to see Avengers again, I thought it was the perfect time to go take her to the movie. The movie opens up with this colorful […]

This is a funny thing for me to post only because for years, I made fun of my husband for liking podcasts. I thought they were boring and I just didn’t want to listen to someone talk. Then about a year and a half ago, I started venturing into the podcast realm. I started with […]

Another DC movie for the books! I was excited for the casting of this movie as well as from watching other animated DC shows, I thought he was hilarious as being a child in a man’s super body with the simple voice command. He’s respected as an adult yet is a child not always knowing […]





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