Senior Session: Melissa H.

This is Melissa! She worked for so many years to get her nursing degree and she has finally completed her education! This session was such a joy to capture her happiness in this awesome milestone. I had fun looking at all her books and learning about her walk through her studies. She came with a beautiful lei that her dear friend had made for her, along with all her books, her stethoscope, and her sorority paddles that her bigs and littles made for her.

Her session was off to an interesting start when her original location that she chose, we couldn’t get into. Not wanting to miss out on the time we set, we quickly picked Ho’omaluhiea Botanical Gardens to shoot in as a place I was very familiar with and still gave a similar setting to her original location. We ended up having such a great time here with images that I don’t think would’ve come out as well if we didn’t make this switch. We first took pictures in a field at one of my favorite parts of the park before going under these trees that make for some awesome nature backgrounds. Then last we went down to the entrance of the gardens and took pictures in the road symbolizing this wonderful walk of life. We even got a bonus picture with a high-school graduate volunteered for the photo so we could show of the walk of high-school into college, and college into the big world!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Melissa and be sure to give her a grand ol’ congrats on this accomplishment!

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