Senior: Leila M.

I met Leila through a friend of a friend and this session we did together I think has become a favorite when it came to the editing of the images. When Leila and I talked about the ideas for the session, she sent me a lot of bright and airy photos that resembled a lot of summer/fall looking, and had elements of feeling warm and free. She told me about how she enjoys MMA, hiking, being outside and how she wants to go into criminal law. What a strong and amazing woman she is!

So when our day came we chose a different part of Ho’omaluhiea to enjoy the lake and a nearby bridge. They also have an amazing tree that I absolutely love sitting in and even used it for my own maternity pictures.

Leila was such an amazing model. It was also pretty much became a collaboration time as we ended up meeting another photographer who just moved to the islands who decided to jump in and join in on the fun. Her images I think fit not only the normal senior picture genre but also could even be used for a future modeling portfolio if she were to ever to want to model on the side of her studies.

Enjoy these pictures and give her a shoutout!

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