My Big Chop!

Oh my goodness! This is kinda a fun entry and if you follow me on instagram you probably have already seen my recent big change.

I haven’t had short hair since I was in elementary school. Mainly cause I had finally grown it out when I ended up getting uku’s (lice) from my cousin. Now she quickly recovered but my pediatrician for some reason told my mom that the best and quickest way to get rid of them was to put Vaseline in my hair for a few hours then wash out with Dawn dish soap. Well this was a horrible way of doing it cause it ruined my hair. Did it get rid of the uku’s? Totally! But in the process, it totally turned my hair into a greasy, plastic/rubber feeling mess! It seemed no matter how many hours I stayed in the shower it wouldn’t come out. My mom at that point decided to chop it to help get over it quicker. I hated it. I pretty much vowed that I would never have short hair again.


When I first started dating my husband, he always mentioned how he loves short-haired girls. So I decided to give it a semi try by cutting it by my shoulders. I hated it. Haha! So I spent the next 5 years growing it back out making it the longest it has ever been.

I had joked with him that maybe during pregnancy or having a kid I may cut it but I ended up never wanting to…until recently.

It had gotten to the point that it would annoy me when I was trying to sleep. It was so hot, and spent most of its time in a mommy bun. If I did have it down Riley just LOVED to sit or stand on it if I was on the floor making me unable to move. If she wasn’t doing that she would constantly get tangled in it. I finally started thinking that maybe it is actually time for a change. I mentioned it to my husband and you can bet he got excited and started showing my pictures of styles he thought would look good on me and even offered to pay for it!

I spent a couple weeks thinking it over and took notes of how many times my hair would get annoying to see if I was really ready for this. (Took that amount of to build up the courage too!)

Then of course I did the normal thing everyone does these days and start asking social media for their opinions. I got mostly good things telling me to go for it. So I decided to make the jump!



So I went to my favorite salon, the Black Cat. I’ve been going there since high-school. I just absolutely love all the people there and the vibe they have. They are a little bit pricey but you also complimentary water or tea, hair wash and condition, a head, arm and hand massage, and of course your hair cut. So I think it’s a totally worth it price for the great relaxation time you get there. Can I also just quickly add that the book shown above was quite funny to read while I waited for my appointment to start.

I showed my stylist the pictures of what I was thinking and she helped me figure out what length and look would be the best for me and why. I also mentioned that I was thinking of donating my hair so that when she does the chop to make it so I could keep it.

So here is my hair length before cutting it!

That initial chop I felt so excited and scared at the same time! Pretty much couldn’t stop thinking “Oh my goodness I can’t believe I just let her do that!”, “Oh I hope this isn’t a mistake!”, and “I can only imagine how light this is going to feel!”. But we did the big chop, then went to have a nice shampoo, condition and massage before returning back to do the rest of the cutting. I must also add that she did an amazing job blending my old bangs into the haircut to make it look like it was meant to be that way. I honestly thought my grown out bangs were still to short to go with the rest of the cut but she made it work!



Aaaaaand here I am almost done!


I’m so happy she was able to bear with me to take some photos of me outside. It works out too cause they are also trying to build their social media presence so I was happy to let them take pictures and give them a blurb to post on their page. I know I said it above but if you want to check them out, I’ll post their information at the end of the post.


Now how to I feel now that it’s been a couple days?

Initially, it was still very shocking. I still couldn’t believe it did it. I also asked her to do waves at the end but in the end I was like hmmm… maybe I don’t like that much waves. Now by the end of that day, my hair had straightened out a bit more and that’s when I really started falling in love with it. I felt so light and free! I also always thought short hair would get in the way more than long hair but so far I’m finding it to be the opposite. I am loving that I can have my hair down without it getting sat on or stepped on by Riley. I love that I don’t have to put it up to feel cool. And can I just add how much extra attention I seem to be getting from hubs haha. I think I’m going to keep it short awhile. Forever? probably not haha, but at least for a bit I’m going to enjoy it. This is definitely one of those times where it is best to take that leap out of your comfort zone! Stay awesome friends!






Black Cat Salon


Instagram: @blackcatsalon


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