3 Checklists for Your Photographer


Hello friends!

Today I want to go over some useful checklists that you should totally give a moment of thought to while getting ready for your special day.

Now I know you have a million things going through your head for all of your preparations but having these few checklists will totally help make things run a little smoother between you and your photographer.

Take a second to stop and think about the most important people in your life. Your parents, grandparents, best friends, mentors… Are they coming to your wedding? Wouldn’t it be great to know that in the chaos of getting married and saying hi to all your guests that you make sure to get a picture with them?

This leads me to list number one.

  1. Your Honored Guest List

Now I know everyone coming to your wedding has importance in your lives but are there some people that just mean a little bit more and it would be more important to get a picture with them during your celebration? By making a list of these honored guests, and giving this list to your photographer before your special day, they will be aware of these people. Personally for myself, I ask that you let these people know that they are very special to you and that you want them to be a part of a special photo shoot with you and a specific time during your event (usually after the ceremony).

By doing this, you are letting them know that they have to meet you somewhere to take a picture rather than them wandering away with all your other guests, leaving you and your photographer scrambling to try find this special person. Cause I’ll admit it, I have a horrible memory for names. And if I’m getting told to find Aunty Betty with the blonde hair, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to find her for you, nor will another guest be able to find her in a timely manner. And the last thing we want to do on your wedding day is waste time or miss these special people.


So please make this list and give it to your photographer before the day of the event. Make sure these honored guests know they are on this list and know where and when to meet you.

  1. Detail List

Now has a professional, we know that we should take pictures of all your decorations, rings, flowers, shoes, dresses, food, party favors and all the other details that you put so much thought into for your special day. However, if there is anything very special that you want photographed, make a short list of them to give your photographer so they can be aware.

For my own wedding, I made these charms that I wrapped around my bouquet. They were 4 charms of all the people in my life who have passed on which included my mom who passed when I was a teenager, and my grandmother who had passed only a year before the wedding. These charms were very special to me as I didn’t have anyone to walk me down the aisle originally planned so I thought by having them on the bouquet, they would be walking me down the aisle. So I told my photographer to make sure we spent some time getting details of them before the big ceremony but to also take a couple shots of them during the ceremony.


Image by: Julie Vorobyov

So things that make your wedding originally your wedding should be things on this list. It might be something that you are proud of, something that is a dedication or memorial to someone, anything that is a piece of importance to your wedding.

  1. Wedding and Reception Timeline

Now this probably should’ve been my number one point, and it should go without saying but just in case you are a little scatterbrained (cause we all know wedding planning makes us a little crazy), make a list the timeline of events for your ceremony and reception as early and as concrete as possible so you can give it to the photographer.

While most weddings follow a semi cookie cutter order of events, it doesn’t mean we can’t be caught off guard by something. It also allows to know when might be a good time to swap lenses, go to the bathroom, eat a snack, or even socialize a little with you and your guests.

So make a timeline of what time you are getting ready? When is your first look? When is the ceremony? What is the schedule of events for your reception? How much time are you allotting for each of these things? When are you going to have your first dance or cut the cake? Are you doing a special slideshow or song for your spouse? All these plans are things to make a list of to give to your photographers and wedding planners.

And that’s it folks!

Thanks everyone so much for stopping by and reading these three lists that will be able to help your photographer better serve you better! A wedding can be hectic, so let’s work together to make our lives run smoother. Until next time, Stay organized friends!

Is there a list or topic that you think I missed? I’d love to hear your comments below! Also keep an eye out for a future post about what a typical wedding day looks like!

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