My Wedding Part 1

Who’s ready for a wedding story?!

First, a fun fact, we got married twice! But today, I’m only going to share our first one today. If you read my engagement post, You’d know why that lamp post is special 🙂 But in case you haven’t, this is where my man proposed to me.


New York is always going to hold a special place in our hearts. While we may have met back in Hawaii, our relationship really only blossomed in the city. Between work and school we spent our nights hanging with friends in bars playing giant Jenga and giant Connect Four. We strolled the streets and watched the sun rise through the buildings. We watched the sunsets from Brooklyn Bridge Park until we could watch all the lights turn on giving us the most beautiful skyline where we would sit and talk about our future and where we think it may take us. We would visit our favorite places that we saw in our favorite movies and quote all the lines. Take day trips every October to Sleepy Hollow to enjoy the best cup of vanilla chai at Coffee Labs, see the beautiful fall leaves, find dozens of four leaf clovers (still don’t know how he did it) and take a haunted hay ride through the cemetery. Whenever we felt homesick, we would jump on the ferry and go to Staten Island and stop at either Silver Lake Park to walk around in some beautiful nature then go to the Staten Island Mall that reminded us of the mall back home. We spent so many days just going to Union Square to pet dogs and people watch. No matter what, there was always something to do or see and that’s what we loved about the city.

So many memories here and when we got pregnant everything seemed to come to a screeching halt. We were going to make it work but things weren’t working the way we hoped and decided it was our best decision to move home to be closer to family.

One day, I get a text message from Tony saying “Let’s get married at Comic Con!”. I laughed and was just like “Are you serious?” He started talking about how one of his favorite people, Kevin Smith, performed a wedding at another panel and how cool it would be if we could get married by him. I didn’t think this was going to happen at this point but I figured why not try and let it be our last horrah before we leave. I did tell him though, if this goes through, I still get to have a real wedding later.

A week before the convention Kevin Smith put up a post saying he was going to do a podcast on wheels panel, but you had to be invited onto the bus as space was limited so he asked people to write why they deserve to get on this bus. Tony wrote how much he pretty much idolizes this guy but I decided to write an entry as well. I wrote about how I literally do not go a day hearing about Kevin Smith as Tony is such an avid listener and fan. How he listens to every single podcasts, watches every single movie and how inspiring he thinks Kevin is. I wrote about our trips down to the Secret Stash in Jersey and how he loved touring out that little down and eating the sandwiches next store just like his fellow Comic Book Men do. I also thanked them for how on our last visit they gave us a Godzilla Comic book as an engagement present and how he plans to get it signed and framed. Then I brought up how we were going to be leaving New York to have a baby back home and that we wanted one last big thing to happen for us by getting married by him and sent the post on it’s way.

I didn’t expect anything.

We waited for days with no reply and Tony was getting really sad. Then the day before the convention, I was showing Tony’s friend around the Natural History Museum while Tony was at work when I got a message.

I had won two tickets to the Podcast on Wheels.

2015-10-08 13.33.55 HDR

I snapped a picture and quickly sent it to Tony and he called me so excited. We now had our chance. I told him still not to get his hopes up as he could still say no but at least we got on the bus! I just couldn’t believe I won the tickets because I never win anything haha! (According to Tony, hearing me say “I don’t know why I try, I never win anything” was the first thing he ever heard me say haha).

I must add here that I was also coming down with a cold at this point and when we awoke that morning I felt so sick hahaha! Tony kept asking me if I wanted to just stay home and I was like blowing my nose and saying nope, just get me some tissues to go and lets get married! But before we left the house, the pregnancy hormones totally kicked in and I was just bawling on the bed. Then I wiped away my tears, and washed my face and I felt so much better! Oh the hormones right?!

When we got to the convention, we changed into our cosplays. Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Tony got me Daenary’s dress from the wedding scene that I had to squeeze into (Although, I must say, the corset it came with was weirdly comfortable as a support for my back!). He also changed into a Doctor Who (Matt Smith’s Doctor) for me. We headed outside and got our tickets to get on the bus.

2015-10-08 11.55.38

We sat near the back of the bus and soon, everyone was on along with Kevin Smith and his Comic Book Men. He asked if anyone had a question and Tony rose his hand so quick. He asked if he could marry us and he awesomely agreed! So we went up towards the front of the bus and got some head gear on so we could hear more clearly and be recorded. I passed off my phone and camera so I could get some pictures taken of us during the event (Come to find out later that the girl I passed my camera too was also married by Kevin Smith at another panel a few months back!)

We were riding through the city on one of those rooftop busses warning Kevin when to duck so he wouldn’t get hit in the head by a street light. He did his normal Green Lantern lines, and we asked him to do the Game of Thrones lines as well. We said our I Do’s and kissed in front of Radio City Music Hall. It was so much fun and definitely different. But that’s what I liked about it. I feel like growing up I stayed to the safer side of things for so long. But being with Tony, we both pushed each other to do different things that brought us out of our comfort zones, and we had fun doing it all along the way.

OurComicConWedding-14OurComicConWedding-31OurComicConWedding-372015-10-08 15.09.47 HDROurComicConWedding-40

Now you may remember I made that deal with Tony still that even if we manage to get married by Kevin, that I still wanted a nice pretty wedding when we got home sometime. And well this became even more needed when we came to find out that While Kevin is allowed to officiate weddings, apparently New York City has a second registry that he would have to sign up for. If we got married upstate or in Long Island, there would be no problem, but because we got married in the City, he wasn’t on this second registry so technically our marriage was null.

BUT who cares about a piece of paper. So many years ago they didn’t have to get a piece of paper right? They just did a ceremony so we considered ourselves married. We love each other and that’s all that matters. And besides, as you’ll read later, we actually got married again on the same day the next year!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first wedding story! Keep an eye out for part 2! Until then here’s some pictures from that day along with a link to the video in case you wanted to watch our wedding! Any one else got some crazy wedding story!? Share it below!




Link to Wedding Video:

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