Riley is 18 Months!

Oh my goodness guys, my girl is turned became an 18 month old over the weekend. I cannot believe I have kept a little human alive this long. I don’t know about you but I’m mighty proud of myself! I think even more so I just still cannot believe that I actually have this tiny human in my life who makes my life so much richer! But look at how tiny she was!

2015-12-24 16.37.01

Riley is such a personality. She’s made me so nervous cause while the baby babble is strong, she barely talks minus a few signs that she knows and whenever I try to read her books or try to teach her things she acts like she just doesn’t care. But you know what, this last month has just been full of surprises.

She seemed to only care about where her nose was for months and then suddenly one day I asked her where her toes were and she shoved her little foot in my face. Shocked, I asked about her hands and she raised her hands up. So I kept going, I asked for her eyes and she’d raise her eyebrows. Her nose and ears, she’d give them a point. Her mouth she would open and close like she was eating something. She even had the difference between her head and hair. When did she suddenly pick all this up?! I’m not sure but it just made me so proud (and happy she was actually listening to me all along!).

This last month has been full of spinning around in circles where she would want everyone to join her. She would pull her cousins and us up off the floor or couch to stand up and spin around and walk backwards with her. She also has enjoyed doing these big, large stomps that I have yet been able to catch on camera along with doing quick little stomps that resembles a happy little dance full of smiles and laughter.

She finally figured out how to go up and down her slide along with playing in the backyard (she was afraid of the grass for some reason for months! Played in grass everywhere but our yard haha). She loves climbing into our bed during the day and tucking herself in under our covers and just looking outside the window or at the black TV screen.

She has also finally grown tall enough so she can actually get on the couches and cause even more trouble whether its grabbing things off the table, running away with TV remotes, or turning the overhead lights, fan, or AC on and off over and over. I love watching her grab her old snack bag, filling it up with toys and then telling me “bye-bye” before swinging the bag over her arm and walking away. She has a huge obsession with socks and often asks me to put at least 3 mismatched socks on her feet (I guess she’s inherited my love more mismatched socks).

I think what amazes me most is how strong her personality is becoming. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, she is very, VERY stubborn, but has also finally become quite loving. She still doesn’t cuddle often but we finally get kisses all the time and the occasional hug. She is always finding ways to make us laugh whether its her happy dances, or her semi cute but annoying butt wiggles when we are trying to change her diaper. How she can turn almost anything into a phone and sometimes has real serious conversations that she acts like a mob boss.

I love when she brings me her book of first words that her favorite page is the farm animal page because she gets to baa like a sheep. (By the way, don’t accidently look at a picture of a cow on your phone while you are trying to get her to sleep cause she will start constantly Baa-ing as well! True Story!) She also looks at the page all about transportation and when I ask her what they are she says “bye bye”, waves, and then walks away. And then I laugh when she gets to the page about different landscapes cause she gets mad and closes the book.

Birds, fish and dogs make her one of the happiest babies in the world. She says hi to all the dogs and birds that we see anywhere we go and loves watching us feed our fish every morning.

This girl is in love with blueberries. She eats these blueberry crackers on our morning walks and often eats blueberries with all her meals. The other morning I was asking her if she could ever get blueberried out cause she had 4 blueberry crackers, 4 mini blueberry muffins, and a handful of blueberries and she was still acting like she wanted more. And if it isn’t blueberries, then just give this girl all the bananas! I swear half of my grocery budget is spent on bananas and blueberries alone!

I know I could go on and on about this little girl who has just changed my life so much but I know we want to see some pictures right?! Scroll down for some cuteness!


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