My Wedding Part 2!

It’s wedding time again!

I hope you all enjoyed my wedding part 1! I’m now ready to share part 2!

So incase you are new, as a little bit of a back story, my husband and I got married twice. Once in New York and Comic Con 2015 and then again back home with family last October. I’ll place the link at the end of this post so you can go back and read the first half in case you missed it. Now to get into the story!

So around April in 2016, Tony and I started talking about remarrying so we could get the paperwork figured out mostly for financial and parenting reasons. Because of the leap year, we noticed that October 8th was also a Saturday. We knew we wanted to have another wedding with family and we started playing with the idea of getting married again on our same date. This would mean a lot of planning and a bit of money but we both agreed that we would like to keep the same date.

Our first big decision came to a venue. We wanted a real venue but at the same time, it was a lot of money that we didn’t really have. Next we played with ideas of a beach wedding or possibly even getting married at my favorite botanical garden. Then an idea hit me. My aunty and uncle are landscapers and they have made a beautiful yard on one of their properties where my grandma used to live. We knew we were going to keep the wedding small and we knew if we did a simple backyard wedding, we wouldn’t have to worry about permits and all that sort of stuff. I asked my Aunty and she excitedly said Yes! She was also happy to help with flowers and decorating and anything else I may need.


The next thing we focused on was a dress. I was so scared of not finding something that would’ve worked with my after baby body and I knew I also wanted something that was still accessible to nurse Riley in. I also had a very low budget. I went with my Bestie, Jen, and someone who is pretty much my second mom who I’ve known since middle school. We tried on dresses and ended up finding one that was a little more than I wanted to spend but otherwise made me feel like a princess. I was in love with it. When I rang the yes to the dress bell, I’m not going to lie here but I felt a ping of sadness knowing this is one of those big moments that is shared with a mother daughter, and mine wasn’t there. I knew I had to find a way to make this day bring her back to me some how. Jen was also amazing to offer to pay for half of the dress price. We also have a close family friend who is a seamstress who was able to help with the alterations on the dress. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky to have these awesome people in my life.


The other things I did were small. Between friends and family I was able to borrow enough tables, tents and chairs. I only had to rent a few chairs to have enough for everyone and a generator to power the lights. We borrowed some lights from my cousin’s backyard wedding as well as bought a few extra strings ourselves. We made a play list on my iPhone to play via Bluetooth speaker. I bought plastic table cloths, the cake topper, and a few decorations. I made my own wedding card box.

A few other things we decided to do was I purchased off Etsy these wedding charms. I put a picture of my grandparents and my mom in each charm so they could walk me down the aisle as they were attached to my bouquet. Also at my greeting table, there was a mini pallet that I added some string to so that people could take pictures with my Instax camera and leave a note instead of having a formal guest book. I also put all of the passed family members from both of our sides in picture frames with a nice note saying that it was a dedication to wishing they were here with us. We also set up a live feed for people who weren’t able to attend on the mainland so they would be able to take part.


I knew a friend who made cakes and asked her to make a single tier cake. Then the night before my niece baked a plethora of cupcakes and we decorated them until 1am. We also had a family friend in the flower business that I asked to make my bouquet. I gathered all of Riley’s baby food jars and put these little blue beads in water with a waterproof light to create little pieces for the table. My aunty got all kinds of tea leaves, orchids, and other kinds of plants to make the piece truly beautiful! And perhaps the last little thing we did was to have a potluck type of dinner so that everyone could break a dish to share. We brought kalua pig and rice. Then other family members brought stuff like salads, sushi, mixed meat plates, and a few other local favorites.


Probably the biggest investment we decided to do was fly our friend Julie down from New York for the wedding. She photographed our engagement pictures and it only seemed right that we could bring her down to do the wedding. My cousin was able to get us buddy passes to help cut down the cost and then we paid Julie for her services as well as giving her room and board, and taking her on a tour around the island. She was also a great help when it came to decorating the cupcakes, doing my hair, and some light make up. But because we hired a photographer, we also made a big effort to make sure our guests knew that our wedding was to be electronic free for the important parts of the ceremony. We didn’t want people hiding behind their screens and we wanted the best pictures Julie could give us without phones getting in the way. Doing it this way, allowed us to get the most of the money that we spent to bring her here and it was totally worth it!


On the morning of the wedding, I ran out to get some balloons, pick up my flowers, before heading back home. We distributed items to where they had to go and who had to take them by when. Then Julie and I went to do some getting ready photos at Jen’s house near by.  On the way back, so Tony wouldn’t see me, he and my nephew got in the car and started heading out to our first look location. Julie helped doing my hair and then we got in the car with Riley and my niece in tow.


On the way, Tony texted me saying the first location is covered in campers and it wouldn’t look so great. We made a change to go to a second location. When we got there we found that it was closed for maintenance! So we made due with the beach near by. And let me tell you, while it wasn’t planned, it was absolutely perfect.

Julie led Tony to a picture perfect spot and then when it was time, we walked over to him. We did our first look and it was amazing. You know in movies where they say stuff like the world disappeared around them and it was just them. It was one of those moments. For a few minutes I couldn’t hear Julie clicking away. I didn’t hear Riley or my nephew or niece who were standing by recording and helping with the shoot. Then we returned to real life and we did a few pictures with Riley as a family and then Julie did a small private shoot with us.


Once the shoot was done, we headed to our ceremony location to help with the finishing touches. It was around this time that Riley started getting really upset. She wanted to nurse. Julie offered to do a quick mini breastfeeding shoot in the side yard. The lighting was just perfect as it was peaking over the mountains before sunset. These pictures are probably some of my favorite pictures of the whole day. Funny thing is after this, Riley knocked out on Jen’s shoulder for the whole ceremony until the clapping at the end haha!


When the ceremony was about to start, I last minute asked my Aunty who helped do so much to walk me down the aisle. We had a small weepy moment as she told me how special this was to her and how proud she knew my mom was of me. It meant so much to me to hear those words. We walked down, had a ceremony and then it was time to celebrate. We had some great food, hung out with friends and family.

We shared our cupcakes and cut our cake along with having a little bit of wine. We had a first dance and through the bouquet and garter just like all other weddings do. It was just perfect. Riley got really tired around 9PM so we helped clean up and headed home with time to just get home and relax.

I’m not going to lie though, things didn’t run completely smoothly. We did have those issues getting to our final location. I also forgot that I had ordered rice for the meal that had to get picked up and brought to the property. And not just that, my nephew who was in charge of bringing the last of the table cloths, decorations, and the cake topper FORGOT them in a different car and he had to drive back, swap cars, and then get back to the property. I honestly don’t even really remember if he got back before the ceremony started or if he came after. I just know everything ended up getting there and even if it didn’t it would’ve still been pretty no matter what. So I say this, expect at least something to go wrong on your day but don’t let it ruin your day. Friends, Family, and the ceremony of marrying your special person is what matters, not the cake topper or whatever it may be.

When I was little I dreamed of having a big fancy wedding with all the bells and whistles, but being with Tony made me realize all that stuff just seem a little over rated for us. I mean if we had the money we probably would’ve splurged a little bit more but doing a wedding on a tight budget made this just perfect. Again, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such great family and friends who were able to help put all this together, but I know I wouldn’t ever change a thing.


Link to  My Wedding Part 1


Photographer: Julie Vorobyov
Instagram: @Julievorobyov and @juliejigsaw

Wedding Bouquet: Picket Fence Florist

Cake: Stella @sweetokole_cupcake on Instagram

Dress: Davids Bridal
Alterations: Lisa Maru Creative Clothing


Wedding Charms: weddingbouquetcharms
My Wedding Ring: LasyaJewelry
Cake Topper: SilhouetteSensations


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