Riley’s Baby Bumps

First off, this isn’t a pregnancy announcement, but oh my goodness you guys, the baby fever lately is so real. While Riley’s pregnancy was filled with fear and anxiety I still loved being pregnant (minus the all day nausea, back pain and peeing all the time) and I honestly miss it. I swear lately I keep melting at all the little babies that come in to my workplace and looking at Riley’s old baby pictures. We are honestly dying to start trying again but we know we aren’t ready for a second kid yet. We laugh too cause the last couple days I’ve even been having crazy dreams of having the second kid already and Tony keeps saying “It’s your mind telling you it’s time” hahaha.  I just keep thinking how exciting it’ll be when we actually decide to plan the second one. I hope to be able to surprise Tony with the announcement of his second child (especially since he’s been asking since I wanna say Riley was like 4-6 months old). I hope to do something with a gender reveal for Riley too.

I know I have all these thoughts and ideas of what being pregnant a second time will like and it may very well be completely opposite of what I have in my mind. But until then I’m going to have fun fantasizing and just spend this special time we get to have with Riley.

So in the light of this, I thought I’d just share my baby bumps back from when I was pregnant with Riley.

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