Sewell Family Session

Still catching up on having all of my favorite sessions posted on the blog! Today I wanted to share with you the Sewell family. This was one of those emails I received and something just told me this session was gonna be a lot of fun with some awesome people. I remembered when Vickie told me how many people were in their family and I started thinking about how cool it would be to do a family pyramid picture. Granted they were one short but hey, a girl can dream.

She chose this quiet little location that I had never been to, Leahi Beach Park. They told me about how they used to live in the area many years ago before moving back to the mainland. Their oldest son was going to be graduating high school soon so they wanted to take one more family trip and get some family photos before he goes off to college and starts his next chapter. They came and showed their kids all their favorite places that they used to go, and showed them where they used to live. All in all it was a great trip for them from what they told me.

This family was so photogenic and outgoing. And I must say, super forgiving too! We went in for our first shot, and I had them all in the sand with their backs towards the water to get a nice beach photo. Suddenly a larger wave came in and splashed them all up their backs! I amazingly captured that second just before they realized what had happened and it is probably my most favorite family picture I’ve ever taken. They were so great though, they laughed and we simply continued on with the shoot.


Remember that pyramid I thought about it. Well they decided it would be fun to have their friend join the family for a couple photos just for it to be a little random. They were also overjoyed when someones dog ran into the frame to say hello haha. With their friend joining them for pictures, they were like “Hey! We gotta do a pyramid!” And I laughed so hard saying this was literally an idea I had but I didn’t wanna make them do it. Little did I know, it is a thing that they are always trying to get the pyramid photo at all different times with their family. This got me so excited!

I hope you enjoy these photos from this awesome family. Do you guys have any family photographic traditions?


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