Riley’s Gender Reveal

During this time 2 years ago was when we found out the gender of our little girl! So I thought it would be a lot of fun to go back in time and share a little bit about that day!

If you read my Gaining My Motherly Bond post last month, you already know that I was overwhelmed with many fears and anxieties during my pregnancy. I was absolutely terrified by this little bean growing inside of me and what the future was going to hold. But I also said that I really honestly enjoyed being pregnant.

When we got unexpectedly pregnant I’ll admit the nausea was killer. I couldn’t eat anything for weeks and when I found something I could stomach, I swear the bean would let me eat it for maybe a few days to a week before making it another food on my gag list. I lost 20 lbs during my first trimester due to this.

I spent hours on a little app called The Bump learning about all things pregnancy related and hearing other women’s tips, stories, and watching mama drama. I loved seeing updates on the app, telling me how big the bean was and what was developing that week. I enjoyed feeling those tiny little movements in my belly. With the anxiety, I wrote many letters to her talking about my dreams and thoughts of who she might be. I spent so much time researching baby stuff, I honestly don’t know what I used to do on facebook to kill time cause it seemed like all I read now was mommy blogs.

In the early weeks of my pregnancy I had a deep gut feeling the little bean was a girl. Me and Tony argued over names cause he wanted all A names but I was dead set on having a kid named Riley. Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. While he wanted a girl one day he hoped for a boy so he could protect our future girl if needed. He was dead set on our little bean is a boy. But I still felt like there was a girl inside of me. We finally settled on if it’s a girl, we can name her Riley. And if it’s a boy, then he would be named Aiden.


Our Pregnancy Reveal

Weeks ticked on by and as we started telling people I was pregnant here and there, many people of course voiced their guesses of the gender being a boy. So much so that I started to believe it. That for sure feeling had started to go away and I started thinking welp, maybe they’re right. So I started preparing my mind for a boy.

Tony worked part-time at the Gap on 34th St so I spent a lot of time in there browsing and taking advantage of his discount. One day while looking at baby clothes I came across this onesie that said “Oh Snap” on the back with a camera on the front. I snatched that up so quick! It was a huge 9-12 month old onesie and was a blue color. A piece of me was like Oh I hope it’s a boy now! But even if it is a girl, there’s no problem with her wearing blue. We even bought a first teddy bear that had a blue ribbon and a few blue pacifiers that I thought were cute.

Then the day came! Gender reveal day!

We went into the ultrasound room, and they did all their pictures. Baby was moving around so much that they had some difficulty getting the images they needed. She just loved trying to avoid pictures. Then the doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender.

The moment of truth.

We said yes!

He moved the screen and told us “It’s a…Girl!”

We looked at him shocked.

I was like “REALLY?!!!” in an excited tone.

Tony was like “really?” In a semi-defeated tone.

Doctor repeated himself and I threw my arms up saying “YAH! I KNEW IT! I WIN!” and Tony was just like “Ohhh noooo”. Haha! (Don’t worry guys, He totally came around within a couple weeks and he LOVES his baby girl)

After the appointment we went down to the gift shop and bought a “It’s a Girl Flower” before we headed out to take some pictures.

Now we had also been talking the last couple days on trying to figure out how to do a gender reveal picture. I looked up pictures of people doing cakes, balloons, and all sorts of things but I wanted it to be more like me.

Tony one night was like “What about socks?”

If you know me in real life, you would know that I have an obsession with needing to wear unmatched socks. I never match them and I haven’t done it for years. I love going out and buying sets of socks from Journeys with all their colors so I can mismatch them to my hearts content! I pondered his idea and decided he was brilliant! We decided I would wear one pink, and one blue sock. Then he would take off the sock that doesn’t match the gender. Then I’d put on mismatching pink or blue socks so show the gender.

We went to Union Square and picked an area under a tree. I set up my camera on a timer on my shoe to help position the camera and we did our little shoot. We also had a lot of fun with this cause we posted on facebook when we would do our gender reveal and we had a bunch of fun picking and choosing things from the babies r us across the street teasing people of what the gender may be. We also posted each picture one by one to build suspense before finally showing the final picture.

The anatomy scan was definitely one of the most fun days of my pregnancy in my book. It can be super nerve wracking leading up to it as this is when they can also tell you if everything is going well or if there is a problem but once everything came out okay, I was a happy camper.

So please enjoy these pictures below!

1 BabyReveal-12 BabyReveal-23 BabyReveal-34 BabyReveal-65 BabyReveal-76 BabyReveal-57 BabyReveal-4

Fun right?! Did you do anything fun to announce your babies gender? I’d love to hear it below!


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