Jen & Jordan Engagement

I am so excited to have a platform to share this now! This was an engagement session from a little over a year ago for my bestie, Jen, and her man, Jordan! All through high school and early college, Jen was such a hard worker saying stuff about how she is dating school and isn’t going to focus on a man until after graduation which stayed true. Some time after graduating, she went to a wedding for one of our other friends where she saw this cute guy.

They ended up exchanging numbers and connected effortlessly. I am so happy she was able to find her man. He is just so awesome and I love watching all their drives out to the north shore or visits to Sea Life Park on the weekends via snapchat or instagram. She called me soon after he proposed and our wedding excitement began!

They knew they wanted a December wedding so we made sure to do some christmasy sort of photos for her engagement. We also focused on just having fun because not only does that keep you relaxed for a session but also it’s how they are as a couple. I think my favorite part of these images is just the look of love in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s just electric. Not to mention, if these photos don’t show fun, I don’t know what does!

Enjoy the images below!JenJordanEngagement-16JenJordanEngagement-56JenJordanEngagement-11JenJordanEngagement-4JenJordanEngagement-29JenJordanEngagement-72JenJordanEngagement-80JenJordanEngagement-89JenJordanEngagement-130JenJordanEngagement-132JenJordanEngagement-135JenJordanEngagement-155JenJordanEngagement-161JenJordanEngagement-180JenJordanEngagement-195JenJordanEngagement-141JenJordanEngagement-153JenJordanEngagement-112JenJordanEngagement-216JenJordanEngagement-150JenJordanEngagement-234JenJordanEngagement-236

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