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I wanted to share a fun session with I had with some family of mine who we’ve decided to leave them unnamed. I photographed their wedding a few years back when I was just starting. Now years later, they were preparing to move back to the mainland and wanted some updated photos before they headed out. What better place than to do it at the same location they got married at years before!

When they arrived, their little girl had fallen asleep in the car and being woken up from the nap made her really not into wanting to take pictures. Still we made the best out of it we could. We did a lot of family pictures, updated couple photos, kids with each other or with just the parents. By the end of the session, everyone was finally happy and getting really interactive for the remainder of the session.

For protective reasons, only some images have been chosen to be allowed to be posted. I want to take this small moment to talk about privacy. You should never feel pressured to get your images posted online. If you don’t feel comfortable, then make sure you let that photographer know. Yes, it can bum us out when we don’t get to post your awesome session, but we totally understand your want to keep yourselves private for whatever reason you may have. Working with me, I always ask two questions when it comes to posting. 1 is if your images can be used for blog, social media, and website purposes. 2. If your images can be used for promotional materials. I feel like these needed to be split cause it can be nice to know where your images may appear and some may feel more comfortable if it is on the web rather than in print or vise versa. I want to make sure my clients feel comfortable throughout their entire session experience from beginning to end.

With this family, we worked together on making it fine for both parties. I pulled a batch of my favorite photos and then sent them to her to approve. There was a few that she asked me to remove and I did. So the images you see here were the mutual decided ones. And of course, I told her if things were to ever change where they needed to be removed, to just simply let me know and they’ll be taken right down.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful families images 🙂

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