Riley’s got a Big Girl Bed!

It’s been around a week now since we moved our little girl into a big girl bed and I cannot believe it still! Like I know they have toddler beds but for some reason, I thought that still wouldn’t happen until closer to 3 years old. But here we are, 19 months old and in her own little bed (cue the tears).

Why did we make this switch? While it could’ve been the 18 month sleep regression mixed with crazy teething (like 6 teeth in the last couple weeks O.O), we felt like she was giving use some cues that it was time. Nap times and bed times became such a struggle. Now she’s always (luckily) been an amazing sleeper. Like when it starts getting close to bed time, she would run to the gate, point upstairs to our room and when we let her out she would run to our room, get her blankie and get ready for bed. She would still do this for sleep times but she wouldn’t go down. She would fall asleep but the second we laid her in the crib she was awake and crying no matter how long or short we waited to put her in there. It was a constant back and forth battle for anywhere from 30 mins (a good day) to 3 hours on a bad day.

Our miracle place was our bed! If we put her to bed in our bed to begin with, we could get away easier then trying to put her in her pack in play.  So we decided, maybe it was time to do the switch. So we bought this Dream On Me Emma 3 in 1 convertible toddler bed off Amazon, and let me say, the reviews are true, it takes a few hours to put together but when we did it was adorable. We got a cute little teal and white bed set and gave her one of the pillows from our bed.

We had a good laugh cause she saw me when I collapsed the pack in play and packed it away in it’s case. She came running in pointing at it’s spot in the room, crying, and pointing at the folded up pack in play. I was like awww poor baby, don’t worry, you’re getting a big girl bed! She was not amused. But we brought up the bed from downstairs and placed it in it’s same spot and she got right up on it and laid her head on the pillow and covered herself with it’s blanket.

That first night in the bed was terrifying. After all her sleeping problems, I thought for sure we were going to be up all night long. But she actually did really well! She slept from 8:30pm until 3am. And while I didn’t get back to sleep until almost 5, it was partially my fault. First I didn’t realize what time it was when she got up. I assumed it was close to 6 so I let her crawl into bed with us. But after awhile I really had to pee so I got up and she didn’t like that concept. Upon coming back and realizing the time I tried to nurse and put her back to bed, but she didn’t want to go down. I tried being strong mama by putting her in the bed and walking away and putting her back every time she got up and while she did eventually stay in her bed, her crying made me give in and go get her. At this point I decided to just start off new. I changed her diaper, wrapped her up in her favorite blankie and nursed again. She was out in minutes and slept until amazingly 7am. She hasn’t slept in til 7 since like April.

2017-07-29 20.59.50-1

Her First Sleep zzzzzz 🙂

The next day we did her first nap and she did amazing. And the best thing is, her sleep schedule seems to be completely back to normal.

Little things we are still learning is that she is suuuuuuper quiet when she wakes up. When she used to wake she would cry until we came and got her. Now when she wakes up she gets up and wanders. This is bitter sweet because I love not being woken up by crying but rather when she does decide to wake us, it’s with a cuddle. Buuuuuut other times we are getting woken up by her getting into something in the room that she isn’t supposed to touch. I swear we are finding something new to baby proof every day!

All in all, my tips for this transition is to let them get familiar with a bed. She loved just coming up to our bed and laying on our pillows and cuddling under our blanket. While we did get her new sheets and blankets, we made sure to keep her two stuffed animals she always slept with and her favorite muslin blanket.

When we put the bed in there, we literally stayed for maybe 30-45 mins just letting her get in and out of it. Our bed has double rails so we were teaching her not to climb over the rails but to go through the puka cause that’s where it’s safe. We would praise her every time she laid down and pretended to sleep. We praised her when she tucked her stuffed animals into bed. But scolded her if she stood on it. We left the room open so she could go check it out any time she wanted to. I really would like to think that all the familiarizing before actually trying a sleep period really helped her to know that it’s okay.

Last little photo I want to share was from a couple nights ago. Me and Tony went into our room to sleep and Tony has been so worried about her falling out of bed, he checks on her all the time. This time we come in to find her in the position of the photo below. hahaha!! We are so happy she didn’t fall but it’s still so funny! I’ve been waiting for the funny sleep pictures to start 🙂

2017-08-02 23.03.43-2

I do want to know though, how did your transitions into toddler beds go? And since it hasn’t happened yet but I know it will, what did you do about keeping your kids in their bed when they are struggling to sleep? I’m not for complete CIO methods but a gentle CIO is okay. Crib days, we used to throw her in, leave for a bit and come back over and over until she sleeps but I’m not sure how that’ll work with free range child. And just for fun, what’s the silliest places or positions your kiddos have fallen asleep? I cannot wait to hear from you!


Also, I’m including the link to the toddler bed from Amazon in case anyone is interested! Dream On Me Emma 3 in 1 Convertible Toddler Bed

  1. mom42girls says:

    I hope it works out. Every child is different, some easy transition some not so much. My kids would get up and come in my bed at nights, sometimes I let them stay (when I am very tired), other times I walk them back. Sometimes three times in the night they get back up (more so my youngest she comes first). They are 9 and 6 now and they still come in my bed. Hope you have better luck.

    • sharonholck says:

      Oh yes!! It’s been great! Only recently has she started coming back into our bed early in the morning. I think cause now we stopped weaning she has just gotten cuddly 🙂 thanks for the follow!

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