Senior Session: Kaila L

Yay! I am so excited for this post! Years ago when I started shooting there was a location that I really wanted to try but I was always too nervous to go and do it. Then earlier this summer I found a safer way to get to the location (pretty much leaving car on the side of the road vs. finding a nearby parking lot) and decided I MUST shoot here sometime soon! Now what better time is it than now when my niece is going to be starting her SENIOR year needs senior photos?! I cannot believe that she is getting ready to graduate. We used to share a room when she was 2 and I remember being SO mad that I had to spend time with her. Then over the years I became like her mom and now I have a daughter who is practically her splitting image. Riley even says Kaila more than she says “mama” but I guess that’s what I get for calling her my not favorite niece haha.  And just for giggles, look at us below, aren’t we cute?

But back to the fun stuff. So for this session, we were originally gonna make a quick stop to one of my favorite lookouts but there was insane traffic and no parking. This led us to go to my favorite getaway spot called Spitting Caves in Port Lock. If you ever choose to go here PLEASE be careful. This is not a child friendly location as it is very rocky, uneven, next to the cliff with deadly waters. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and look for whales during whale season but just be careful. This place has been my favorite place to get away and think for years and there’s still so much more of it to explore.

At Spitting Caves though, we climbed with cliffs, and explored to the far area where it opens up to some tide pools. This allowed us to get some beautiful reflections, see some fishes and cool off our toes since we were shooting this at noon! We spent maybe an hour here before getting back in the car to drive to the location I’ve been waiting for!

We parked at Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail but instead of going up the trail we went down to the second trail that leads to Pele’s chair. We went maybe 1/3 of the way in until we came to this tree that was surrounded by dead grass and cacti. This is where we spent the rest of our time posing, laughing, and acting fabulous while other visitors gave us weird looks. This is definitely working it’s way into one of my new favorite locations.

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