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I thought it would be fun to every once and while share a few mini stories of things that’s been going on but aren’t necessarily single blog post worthy. They’re just little insights into my life that I hope you will enjoy!



Happy Eclipse Day! I was actually super excited to see a solar eclipse especially since this one seemed so hyped. But when I did a little but of research I found that Hawaii was waaaaaay out of the path of totality haha. I guess it should’ve been no surprise since we miss out on a lot of astronomical events but I was still hopeful. I came to find that even more so the eclipse was gonna happen pretty much first thing in the morning so honestly your best viewing even if it was possible would be at a beach. Now a sunrise eclipse does have a really cool sound to it but when we woke up this morning it was also crazy cloudy. Luck has not been with us today haha! I still took a picture of our partial eclipse even though it looks like a normal day. Ain’t it a beaut? Now while mine was a total fail, I’d LOVE to hear how your experience was if you were on the mainland. My brother shared some pretty great ones from Florida and I’ve seen some of my friends in NYC post some.

2017-08-21 07.13.19


This one is really short cause I want to save it for a post itself but I wanna give a heads up that me and Tony are currently turning Riley’s wagon into Moana’s Canoe for a Comic Convention next weekend. I am a little overly excited!!

Also, this was day 3 of Riley barely taking a nap (only about 30 mins) and while I was completely frustrated with her, I get amazed at how nursing can sometimes (not all the time, but sometimes haha) just bring you back to earth and make you live in that moment. You see their sweet sleeping face and you get off your phone and just examine their little body. I just love looking at her little hands and little toes. I just wonder what she is going to make with these hands one day and where is she going to go? Then I stopped and just admired her curls. I don’t know where her curls came from but they are just so bouncy and add to her personality that I just love them. I am so afraid to cut them in fear they might disappear so I spent a few moments just looking at them and capturing that moment while I still got it.

2017-08-17 11.33.20


I love my kid. She really drives me crazy sometimes especially with her toddler abilities becoming so refined. Like seriously how are you supposed to toddler proof when it seems like they figure out every latch, door, and climb onto every possible surface to reach the things you don’t want them to get?! If you got tips on this PLEASE comment them below! I’m desperate!

Anyway, with all of this climbing and getting into everything I decided she needed a new activity. So I figured why not fill up the pool and in the afternoon when she wakes from her nap we go play in it? Great Idea, but she had different plans.

Baby girl was watching me from the door and was getting soooo excited, she took off her dress and when I went to go back into the house she ran out and jumped right into the pool haha. So I embraced the change of plans and pulled up her beach chair and set myself up pool side while she got in and out of the pool gathering leaves, cups, and balls, and just having a blast. After awhile I decided her bubble butt diaper was getting too big for her so I let her be naked baby. Oh boy did she like that!

She was running all around the yard and she learned going down the slide wet and naked makes you go really fast it’s kinda scary. She also was drinking so much pool water she was peeing probably every 10 mins or so. I would spray her down and she’d laugh and giggle. She kept having me chase her with the hose to spray her down.

It was coming out to be quite the nice day from the ordinary and it was just having more fun in the yard. All was fun and games until we were hitting about nap time. We didn’t really have a nap that day cause she didn’t want to go down which really frustrating since I have a family reunion job to edit and blogs to write. But it is what it is. After dinner she got so messy I opened the door for her to go back into the pool and she played some more until she ended up pooping in the yard! The water was cold, it was getting late so I figured into the house we go!

I even gave her a bath in our big tub. She still normally gets baths in her infant tub cause it’s easier on us and she’s kinda afraid of the big tub. But today all was well playing in there until I decided to wash her hair. This girl hates getting her head wet. After her bath we got jammies on and came downstairs to eat some honey bunches of oats before bedtime. Mommy was exhausted but it was a fun day nonetheless 🙂

2017-08-18 06.20.01-2

She was so tired, she even slept in the next day!

Let me know what you think about having little mini stories! Also if you have any topics you want me to cover whether it be parenthood related or art/photography related feel free to let me know! Thanks guys!

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