Cervantes Family Session

A year ago I got to photograph another relatives family session. Their daughter was visiting from the mainland so we wanted to capture the time she came to visit before she went back home.

Now they have a beautiful beach house on the Eastside of the island that we had thought about shooting at but we decided to venture just a little bit further down so we can get a little bit more scenery besides our refreshingly blue ocean. We were headed towards Kahana Bay when we noticed a little pull off just before the bay, we thought, “Hey, why not give this area a try!” None of us had ever been there and didn’t know what to expect. When we made out way through the bushy path we were pleasantly surprised.

This location had a cute little cove covered with trees on one side giving an almost summery lakeside kind of view, then a small grassy field, and on the other side we got a private little beach that was covered with smooth pebble like stones mixed with sand and these amazing trees that hung their branches over the water. Definitely adding this little location to my favorites!

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