Making Waves at Comic Con!

This weekend was amazing guys! So I don’t talk about it much here but my husband and me are total nerds. Before we met, I was an avid Kawaii Kon goer and would literally be there from the time it opened until the time it closed. I’d buy soooooo much more stuff than I ever needed (Like the amount of posters, keychains, and other merchandise kind of makes me sick knowing how much money I spent back then haha). But it was my favorite thing to do every year. The atmosphere is just so inviting, friendly, it even feels like a family. I also loved meeting all my favorite Voice Actors from all my anime shows and getting their autographs and attending their panels.

My husband however knows all things comic book related. I mean the amount of comic books we have in CGC plastic covers and boxes in my house is crazy. He also is really into collecting toys and sells them on ebay (if you know anyone looking for amiibo’s or Power Ranger toys hit me up!). It has been his dream to go to San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. I am happy to say that we did attend NYCC every year while we were living there and if you remember, even got married there!

Since we moved back to Hawaii, there has been a spike in comic conventions. Starting in April with Kawaii Kon, we then have Hawaii Comic Con in the summer and then this weekend was Amazing Hawaii Comic Con. There are also a lot more smaller events that get held at his favorite comic book shop as well as other gatherings that all seem to happen between this April-September time, but those are our main 3.

Back in January, we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon and we bought Riley a Moana Costume. We let her wear it for Kawaii Kon where she got quite a few swoons even though her costume is waaaaay to big and technically made for 3-4 year olds (Though that probably made her cuter). Since then, Tony and I have been talking about trying to turn her wagon into a boat.

Then about a week ago, Tony was like “Let’s make the boat!” and I was like “ crazy? We literally only have a week!” Long story short, he won and we got to work. Putting in an hour or 2 of work every night until the convention.

About 10-12 hours later, we finished her boat. We made waves at the convention and melted one heart at a time while she ate her “Kakamura Crisps” and people watched her way in and around the convention center.

The first day she stayed in her pretty much all day. We couldn’t walk more than a couple feet without getting stopped and circled around by people to take pictures. Her first encounter though was with Jack Sparrow who asked if he could steal her canoe haha! She ate many coconut chips and then participated in a cosplay contest with some amazing people! My favorite part might have been seeing an engagement proposal on stage at the end of the contest! They were just the cutest!

The second day we tried out a baby Moana t-shirt that my bestie made for her and only put her back into her other costume for the Children’s Cosplay Parade. We came to the con a little later than normal just so we could get a proper nap in before all the people stimulation. We came prepared with many snacks, and while we were able to walk and shop around a bit more (No worries, we got out only spending money on a few stickers for our water bottles and nothing else! Well minus whatever Tony spend on getting some comic book signed). We also met Allan Trudyk who voices Heihei and he just loved our canoe. All in all it was an awesome weekend! Though now we wonder how we can do better next year since the boat was such a hit!

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I hope you enjoyed the cuteness!

I’m curious, would you appreciate a post on “How to Build Moana’s Canoe”? Would you also like post about my tips to convention going? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. GeekMama says:

    That is so cool! She makes an adorable Moana 🙂

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