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9-4-17 : Aquarium Visit

We decided to spend our Labor Day at the Waikiki Aquarium. Riley loooooves fish and the last time we went to the aquarium was when she was maybe 5 months old so I figured it was about time to go back. I’ll admit that our aquarium is very small, and it isn’t as amazing as it used to be but one thing I really love about this age is that it doesn’t matter. She won’t notice that maybe some paint is missing from the walls, or that it’s really only 4 small rooms with a bunch of tanks, or remember what it used to be when I was growing up. She has just a beautiful sense of wonder and everything is amazing.

2017-09-03 22.22.26-2

She loved pointing at all the “blub blubs” and we probably stayed at the largest tank for maybe 30-45 mins just watching the giant fish swim by. She also enjoyed climbing up and down the viewing seats and stomping feet with another toddler. Our aquarium also has a semi large fenced in field that they use for special events that she ran around like crazy chasing birds. She found another little boy who was collecting leaves and she joined him and was helping give him leaves and he would run circles around her, grab her leaves, and make her laugh.

After the aquarium, we went across the street for her to play in the park. She ran over to the tennis ball courts and watched a couple play tennis. They ended up coming over and giving her a ball to play with which Riley so kindly played with and then 10 minutes later went back and returned it all by herself. I’m so proud of who my little girl is becoming 🙂

9-6-17 – New Opening Lotion Bottle Ability

Riley woke up at 3 this morning. I am tired. I am just proud of myself that I got myself out of bed and still went for a morning run. Mainly cause I was in search of her play kitchen spoon that we lost on our run the day before. No luck. I’m a bit bummed. I’m almost waiting for her to find it in the driveway or something though haha.

When she got up from her nap, she was getting into the drawer next to her bed that she s always getting into. I didn’t think much of it cause she does it every day. But I did have to go get her ready so I could leave for work so I walk in to be hit with an overwhelming baby powder like smell. I get closer to find that she apparently learned how to take off the lid to her old baby lotion and proceeded to stick her little fingers inside and wipe it on her belly. We’ve been battling some light eczema lately so she is very used to lotion. I couldn’t help but laugh but I felt soooooo relieved knowing it could’ve been worse. Like can you imagine if she had picked up the bottle and dumped all it’s contents onto her bed? Or the carpeted floor?? Thank you Jesus!

Also I found her like this at one point of the day. Apparently curling up under a rug is comfy?

2017-09-05 10.58.07-2

9-7-17 – Physical Therapy, and don’t forget to throw away those diapers!

You might’ve seen my instagram stories from this day but if you didn’t, I wanted to share it again. So it was day 2 of Riley waking up at either 3 or 4 AM and just not wanting to go back to bed. So between taking care of her all day and going to work just to repeat this, I am exhausted. That morning, Riley and I finally fell back to sleep at 6 am, only for me to be woken up 20 mins later to take my husband to work. We left her home to sleep and left the baby monitor with another family member while we left. When I came back I gave myself 5 minutes of quiet time before making some breakfast, scarfing it down, and then going upstairs to wake her so we could get to my first Physical Therapy appointment. I thought I had 25 minutes to get her up, dressed, fed and out the door but really by time I got her awake it was more like 12 minutes. I was changing her diaper and it accidentally fell off the bed and I told myself I need to remember to pick that up, but in this rush, I forgot. We run out the door and we make it to my appointment with 2 minutes to spare (amazingly).

So one of the best things about this physical therapist office is that they have child care! They have a cute little playroom where you drop off your kid and they get to play and socialize with other kids while you get yourself feeling better! When I went for my evaluation appointment it was so cute to come back and see her helping to rock a baby to sleep. So I dropped her off and she ran inside to go play with all the toys and I went to my appointment.

So quick parenting tip! For all you new moms or soon to be moms, when you hold your baby, try to make sure that you alternate which arm you hold baby with. I favor holding her on my left so I can do things with my right and apparently it seems to be the cause of my rotation cuff getting strained. Also when nursing, try to keep your wrists straight because you can also develop carpel tunnel or “mommy hand” pain from weird positioning. Anywho, I have been dealing with this pain for probably a year now but recently it’s been getting to the point where it hurts to brush hair, pick up Riley, drive, and occasionally when I nurse so Tony told me I should stop fighting the pain and get checked out and that’s how I got here.

So today they started with a deep massage on my shoulder and some simple stretching exercises for that muscle. After they put me on this rolling bed sort of thing (Sorry, I’m so horrible with know what it was) and oh my goodness that was relaxing. I felt like I could practically go to sleep and I almost did until my time on it was up haha. The next thing they had me do was life changing. They put me up to an electric-stimuation machine and honestly I was really nervous of it at first. They explained that it feels like when your foot goes to sleep and it’s all tingly and then I was like Oh, okay that sounds fine then. Man, when she turned it on, it felt so funny and amazing. I think I was on the machine for maybe 15 minutes before they turned it off and can I say, I don’t remember how long it’s been since I have felt absolutely no pain in that shoulder! I feel so amazing!

The last thing I did before I left as decide to also give a chiropractor a try. I figured if I’m going through all this, I might as well do it all to get the full effect. Boy I don’t think I’ve ever heard my back and neck crack so much! But walking out of there I feel like I have more energy and like I am walking taller.

After all this, we stopped at the grocery store for dinner then came back home a half hour before nap time. Riley was running around upstairs which is normally no big deal, until she came downstairs with a wet wipe.

I think: How does she have a wet wipe? We keep the wipes up on the dresser now so she can’t get it…Maybe it’s an old one? No it’s very wet…Where did this come from? (While I am thinking these things she is wiping our couch, her hands, her face…)

I run upstairs to investigate and come to realize IT WAS FROM HER DIAPER THIS MORNING! Remember I forgot to pick it up?! ewwwwwwwww!! I wash her off and throw it away and declare it is time for a nap! Such a rookie mistake! Learn from me and put away those diapers my friends haha!

2017-08-31 15.14.49-2

Here’s a cute picture just for kicks 🙂

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