Our Disneyland Vacation!

Hey everyone!

I am back from our awesome vacation! It was so wonderful to have a change of scenery and spend some good time together as a family. So we planned this trip to take along my nephew (John) and my niece (Kaila or yaya as Riley calls her). Partly because we found a good deal for a family of 4 to go to Disney and secondly because while they do have rider switch passes in the parks, there’s nothing better than being able to ride with someone right? So we brought them along so we can take turns riding with each other.

We had a night flight and we ended up making a toddler friend in the airport so Riley and the little friend got a lot of their extra energy out running all around the gate. The flight also went amazingly well as she slept the entire flight minus maybe the last half hour cause they turned on the lights and woke her up. But she had some snacks and was ready to go! We landed and took a shuttle to Del Sol Inn across from Disneyland and it was great you guys! If you are looking for a place close to the park and is affordable, this is the place to be!


Now to help Riley sleep on the plane, a friend suggested we try not to let her nap during the day. So we had a kind of grumpy child during packing but once we got on the plane she was OUT like a light! But with all the traveling and then going out and getting breakfast we amazingly had a little energizer bunny going going going. When we checked in, everyone decided to take a nap minus the toddler who had to explore every inch of the hotel room soooo I didn’t get to rest either. After a 2 hour nap (for everyone else) I got everyone up to go explore Downtown Disney since our passes weren’t until the next day. We spent a couple hours out there before retiring back to our rooms where everyone once again took a nap. We did wake for dinner minus Riley who decided this was the beginning of her now 15 HOUR SNOOZE! I seriously think she would’ve kept going if we let her too cause she did not want to wake up!


Day 1!

This day was the shortest of our days, partly cause we were still getting used to the time change but because due to a Halloween party, we would get kicked out a bit early. Which is fine cause me and Tony had a special date scheduled 🙂

We started the day with a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn.  She was terrified. We ended up getting moved to the patio for a private breakfast with only the fairy godmother as our special guest. At least the food was awesome!! (Seriously my favorite place to eat any time of the day!)


Her first ride we took her on was Dumbo and she LOVED it! She didn’t want to leave. After that anytime we got near it she would point and get all excited. We also road the Carousel and then headed off to Toon Town where we spent the next couple hours running all around there and in Goofy’s House.

At around 3 packed up and headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for our date. I got Riley some pancakes from Denny’s (Thank you hotel for your discount card!), and had the ipad ready for John and Kaila to watch her.

Tony and I caught a Lyft to the Hollywood Bowl to see Linkin Park & Friends- Memorial to Chester Bennington. We had the most amazing and honestly inspiring driver. He shared some of his life and gave us inspiration into parenthood. He talked about his travels with the band Styx. We were amazed when we got to the concert to see how many people can fit in there! This concert though was probably the best and most moving concert we have and may ever go to. I’m so happy that it happened to be at the same time of our trip to see it.

The rest of the days really kind of start to blur together. I’m also sure you don’t want to sit here and read a day by day haha.

Our mornings would start very early and we would laugh as Riley would excitedly get in her stroller and start telling us all to come so we could head out.  She was always very concerned about us all leaving and staying together and did her best to make sure we all stayed close haha. Perhaps the most amazing thing from this trip was Disney magic seemed to fall over Riley and make her realize talking is cool because by the end of day 1 we suddenly had long awaited word boom! And by the end of the trip we had about 10 or so new words!


We also discovered Riley has a huge love for trains that we didn’t know about haha. We were waiting for the Disney train that goes around the park and they didn’t have enough space so we had to wait for the next train and oh my goodness, I got the funniest video that shows just the utter betrayal of when the choo-choo left her behind. (Don’t worry, she was all smiles when it came back and when we road it the next day!)

There was one morning, Riley scared the living daylights out of me where I woke up to start getting everyone ready to find her not in her bed. I searched the sheets, our bed, sides of the bed, bathroom, closet, floors, COULD NOT FIND HER! I ended up finding her in Kaila’s bed sleeping away. Kaila said she didn’t even know when she crawled in but just accepted it haha.


We also got to see some family while we were there and spent one of the days with them roaming the parks as well as I finally got to meet a December mommy from my online group!

Our last day in the park was Halloween and we got our special halloween party access as well. If you haven’t been to their Not So Scary Halloween party you totally should! It was so much fun having less people in the park. Wait times for the rides were all 5-15 minutes. Trick or Treating was amazing! We only hit 3 spots and had a HUGE back of candy. Kaila ended up going around the entire park collecting and came back with 15 lbs of candy! So if you ever go do this, you totally will have more than enough time to trick or treat, ride some rides and more! They also had an amazing special parade and fireworks show that I think was better than their other ones they normally do.

And while she was terrified of all the big Disney characters, she did get better around Disney Princesses. Of course we had to take her to Moana! Guys, she like met her idol. In line she kept saying MANA! MANA! MANAAA! And then when we let her go she ran right up to her and gave her a hug. They had a nice little moment together. It was the only princess that she didn’t need us to stand with her for 🙂


Now I’m sure you are ready to just see the Disney Spam so here we go!!!


I hope you enjoyed our Disney Adventure. You can probably tell that her favorite ride was Dumbo haha. This photo just cracks me up every time I look at it for my husbands face!


So I’d like to do a few more Disney Themed posts. I’m curious what you’d like to hear more about, our travel tips? What we packed with us? Our Disney hacks? Or do you have another subject you’d like me to cover?

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