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Since Disneyland, Riley has suddenly decided that talking is cool. Literally by the end of the first day, she gained 5 words to her vocabulary. And since the trip she continues to randomly gain words.

It’s been fun to finally hear more of that little voice and trying to figure out what certain sounds mean. Like the other day, I was buckling Riley into her carseat when she kept saying “JEEP JEEP JEEP” I was so confused. Finally I realized what she was pointing and trying to grab. She was trying to grab my Target receipt haha!

Maybe it’s a sign we eat out to often but she has also learned white take out containers usually contain rice and promptly starts asking for RAI RAI RAI every time she sees one.

We also crack up that the way she says certain words sound so gangster or with some sort of funny accent. More is pronounced MO with a real emphasis on the m sound. Same with when she says Minnie, it’s more like Min-NAE.

And for the rest of her words, they all sound like questions with a low sound at the beginning and it getting higher towards the end.

Perhaps my favorite is that she will now come up randomly, throw her hands in front of her and say RAWR! I love it so much!

2017-11-20 11.58.05


This past week at Stroller Strides, we also did plate decorating!

I wanted to do a little design of Riley’s hands making a little wreath around the edge of the plate and then I decorate the middle.

Well Riley clearly had other plans as she attacked the paint and really went all out with her decorating haha! She ended up being completely covered from her toes to her head in green paint! I am so happy my mommy senses told me to undress her because, I can tell you right now that our beach mat did not survive well. Yup, it is also covered in paint! I guess it is now an art mat.

2017-11-28 22.00.50-2

After letting her go at it and trying to keep her from touching other kids cleans clothes or our friends white doggie, I hosed her down. I ended up buying another plate and had Riley do a single hand print and then made her go play in the park while I decorated the plate.

2017-11-28 23.42.43-2


2017-11-28 23.42.24-2


Weaning Update!

So we are about 2 weeks in and it’s gone a lot better than I thought. I’ll admit the first day was horrible. I had put lemon juice on my nipples and told her my milk didn’t taste good, and let her try. She was so upset. She pushed me away and cried for daddy. I felt like I betrayed her and it hurt a lot. The next attempt though, I simply reminded her they didn’t taste good and she let it go.

One day we were having a hard time and she was crying so I decided to bring up a few of her books. I started reading and after a page or two the crying stopped. Riley was never really into reading so I was surprised at her interest. We read 4 of her books and then I told her it was nap time and she rolled over and started to try to sleep.  (Thank you Julie’s Mom for all the books! She LOVES them! Especially Moo, Ba, LA LA LA)

I will say putting down to naps and bedtime now takes like an hour- hour and a half but it’s a start!

But oh my goodness, since the beginning of weaning, I thought maybe she would just take a bottle from me? The answer has been NOPE! But today, she looked at me, and signed milk. I reminded her I didn’t taste good but offered to get her a bottle and she nodded yes. When I brought it back she eagerly took it and I got so teary eyed!

I suddenly realized that I don’t think she has taken a bottle from me since she was maybe 6 months old! 6 MONTHS! I was looking how her hands so nicely hold the bottle now and I couldn’t believe how big they are compared to last time I saw it. What has happened to my baby!! You really never know when those motherhood waves of weepiness are going to hit you! It was as simple as seeing her hands on her bottle haha!

Anyway, I definitely want to find some new books now for her library. So if you have any favorites, please comment below!



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