Our Holiday Pictures 2017

So last year was our first year doing a Christmas card. I set up a little backdrop in my living room with a bunch of props and took a ton of photos of Riley. Then I had us get into a couple photos and had my dad snap a few.

They were okay. But the best shot I was sad to say, it was blurry which made me really sad. I still used the pictures nonetheless. It was what it was.

But this year I decided that since I have my handy remote now, I would try to take them myself! I also found out that we have a Christmas tree farm! I had no idea! So I thought, why not take a drive out there and attempt to do some photos. If it works, awesome, if it doesn’t I still have my backdrop and can try again.

Well when we woke up that morning, it was rainy and gloomy.

I had some confidence though that the opposite side of the island would have more sunshine since it normally does. I also had checked the weather and with nothing but rain in the forecast for the next week or so I was like “well, it could get worse right?” haha.

We made our way out and it was an off and on rain or sprinkle. And when we arrived it started to sprinkle again. We decided to let Riley nap in the car while I walked around and tried to find the least muddiest area in the farm.  We settled on one area right in front of our car which made for some fun as Riley would wave at all the incoming cars. As well as an area deeper in the farm that was off their main walkway and didn’t look to be one of the main areas they drive in.

While it still sprinkled off and on, we had a lot of fun! Riley had a blast running up and down the path ways. And at the end, we drove a little further to Haleiwa and got some Shave ice from Matsumoto’s.

Day well spent if you ask me 🙂

I hope you enjoy these pictures from the Christmas Tree farm!


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