Cookies, Santa, and Getting Lost

Phew! This week is crazy! With all the holiday stuff it is getting nuts.

This week with Stroller Strides they hosted a cookie exchange and secret santa.

So many emotions of this because at first I was like YES!! That will be so much fun! Then I ended up having PT and two jobs get scheduled on the same day and was like HOW am I going to get all this done?! When am I even going to have time to bake cookies when I work night shifts?! Well I rescheduled PT and recruited my niece Kaila to help make cookies until midnight on Sunday. Then my one job is near a Target so I used my lunch break to get her secret Santa present.

Well Wednesday came and we went up the road to the hosts house for the party. All the kids were having fun playing with toys and jumping in a mini bounce house.

We gathered all the kids around and they unwrapped their secret Santa gifts. We gifted this cute little turtle to the youngest one at the party. Riley had a toy similar to it and it was a favorite. It’s become like my go-to present for little munchkins. Riley received a new book that I know I cannot wait to read to her and a cute little Minnie Mouse puzzle.


Now I personally try not to be a helicopter mom. Mainly because I believe a kid should be allowed to have space and fall sometimes. However, I do find myself usually looming around and following because Riley is also a wanderer. She doesn’t care if you call her name, in fact most of the time she just runs further. And I mean, this girl loves to explore. She has no fear of getting far away from us.

Well today, after following her so closely for so much of the party and watching her stay pretty close by, I decided I could let my guard down a little. All the other moms were scatter across various rooms, kids were everywhere. House was kid proofed, it should be fine. I had a chat with a fellow mom for maybe 5-7 minutes. After not seeing her for awhile I told the fellow mom I just have to check on her.

I went around the backyard. Nothing,
I searched the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Nothing.

I didn’t want it to look like I was snooping as this was the first time I was at this house, but I decided to venture into the downstairs rooms to see if she wandered in. Nothing.

At this point, I was getting more worried. I started asking if anyone has seen her. I searched the yard and downstairs again.

I didn’t want to intrude so I asked the host if she could check her upstairs to see if she went up there. She took a quick look and said she couldn’t find her up there either.

I began to panic. By this point everyone was now helping to look for her. I ended up running outside wondering if maybe somehow she opened the front door and escaped. After going down the road a bit, they ended up finding her upstairs.

They said they found her in the master bedroom’s bathroom on the floor trying to brush her hair. She of course is all smiles and when she gets downstairs she starts asking for cookies since all the other kids had them and walks away like nothing happened.


After that the moms gathered around and shared their stories of moments they’ve lost one of their kids and when they found them. I’m so thankful to have found another space space of moms to bond with.


To me though, this was seriously one of the scariest moments ever. I wonder how long this actually was because you know when adrenaline hits you, time feels slower. I swear it felt like the longest 10-15 minutes of my life. The longer I think about it, I try to laugh a little bit of it being kinda like karma.

I remember one day, I was asking my mom to play with me but she was busy at the time and couldn’t I must’ve been maybe 3 or 4 years old. I ended up venturing upstairs to my parents closet. I remember thinking their closet was so cool to play in. I ended up playing behind my moms clothes and soon deciding to take a nap. So I fell asleep laying on all my moms shoes behind her clothes.

I’m not sure how long I slept but when I woke up, I skipped out of their closet and came face to face with my brother. He yells downstairs that he found me and started asking me where I was. I said I was sleeping in the closet. I got a stern talking to about how I can’t disappear like that.

I guess like mother like daughter haha.

I know it won’t be the last time I loose her. I can hope it will be but I know it will likely happen again at least once. But until then, I’m gonna give her a few extra cuddles because I know this mama needs it.

Have you ever lost your kid somewhere? What’s your story?


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