Christmas Cookies!

Sorry for the late post! It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend with some family stuff, which I’ll talk about later but in the mean time, I want to share what made our weekend a little better.

One of my favorite things to do is make cookies every Christmas with my nieces and nephews. Funny thing is that it seems to happen always on the night of the 23rd (I literally made cookies, went on a long walk, and the next day there was Riley haha!). But I will be working this year so I did it early. I was so excited to let Riley take a whack at it this year! While she napped, I pre-made a bunch of cookies leaving just a little bit of dough so that she can try cut out a few herself and see how it works.


After the dough was done, we took a break for dinner and then I reset the work area for decorating time.


If you notice my counter looks a little shiny or weird, here is my life hack for you!

I LOVE to cover the counter in plastic seran wrap. It sticks to the table and helps to make it super easy to clean up. I won’t guarantee it captures all the mess but it definitely takes most of it! This time around, I covered the table and then laid a single piece of foil for me to roll out dough and cut cookies. That way I didn’t have to lay out new wrap once I was done with the dough.

I mixed color frostings and put some in ziplock bags with a little hole at the bottom and put dull knives in all the other containers. I put out our sprinkles and then each kid got a plate to decorate on (and hopefully catch the sprinkles).


Now our dining room is carpeted, but the kitchen is hardwoods so I put Riley in the kitchen since I expected the most mess and the big kids on the other side haha. Of course this backfired a little bit when Kaila accidentally dropped some dye on the floor and Jade stepped in it and tracked it into the dining room! We couldn’t not believe it came out so easily with just some dabs of water and a cloth.

Well I’d like to say Riley had a blast! She was covered in flour from when we were working with the dough and when it came to decorating cookies, instead of a spread of frosting she more liked to stab the cookies. Which was quite funny when she decorated a gingerbread man haha! By the end she resorted mostly to fingerpainting the frosting on and eating it off and on. She also looooved putting on sprinkles.


And can you guess her favorite part of all?

Eating the cookies of course!


In the middle before decorating though, I also put on this little apron she plays with all the time and let her pose with the cookies. I cannot get over this cuteness!


Last but not least, heres a few of our masterpieces!


Oh yah, we also played some peekaboo!


What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions?



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