Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

This season has been a whirlwind and I’m sorry I disappeared for a bit there! So let me catch up on what the past few weeks have been for us!

A week before Christmas we were having a relaxing morning at home when I suddenly found a creature in my daughters hair. Yup. I found lice! And because we bedshare off and on we checked ourselves and found we both had them too! So at this time, Tony was sick with a terrible cold, and that weekend turned into a family treatment weekend of combing through each others hair, and tons of laundry. We decided on shaving Tony’s head just to have one less person to worry about.

A few days after that we had our first Gingerbread house making day with Stroller Strides. Being clear of the uku’s we joined in on the fun though I made sure she wasn’t sharing hats, laying on the ground or getting to close to other kids just in case. So we showed up to do our first gingerbread house. Or rather I made her first gingerbread house while she tried to shove as much candy and sprinkles into her mouth as possible. She did a great job adding sprinkles to it though!


After the gingerbread houses, we went to pick up Tony from work and then headed to the mall to do some last minute shopping. We were going to go see the city lights but by time we were done, we decided it be smarter to just go home. And good thing we did.

Just as Riley was about to fall asleep, all hell broke loose. I turned on the lights to see her covered head to toe in vomit. So on with more laundry and baths then I could count. I am sooooo thankful Tony was feeling better by this date because I don’t know how I could’ve handled this without him. Shoutout to all you single mamas. You are all amazing! Riley’s vomiting continued every 15-20 minutes for 2 hours. At that point she couldn’t keep even water down so we went to ER. They prescribed her a nausea pill that perked her right up, thank you Jesus. We went home around 3am being told that she had a stomach bug and to be careful since it is contagious.

2017-12-22 01.30.282017-12-22 08.57.19-2

I want you to guess where that led. I may add in the background, that we were still trying to have a little party for Riley’s Birthday. I have a string of texts to my bestie calling it on and off over and over between all the holiday stress and all these sickies. When I finally was like, lets just do it! I fell to the stomach bug. It was horrible. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! That being said, it’s going around people so stay healthy!!! It was really cute though cause after all the care we did for her, when I got sick, she also tried to take care of me by giving me her stuffed animals, crackers, and sippy cup. We have such a sweet girl.

2017-12-23 11.45.43

Thankfully by time Christmas Eve rolled by, we were feeling good enough to have a tiny party. I made some cupcakes and we ordered pizza. Then we opened gifts. Riley was obsessed with her new word “Birthday” and now knows it comes with cupcakes, candles and gifts haha! Any time she sees one of those three objects she yells BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! Which was definitely funny seeing Christmas the next day and she thought everything was for her. After her little party we drove out to the lights in Kaneohe for a quick walk.


Christmas she got some awesome presents to go with her play kitchen. She has been nonstop giving us ice cream or making us pizza. She also likes to take her new shopping cart up to the room and go shopping in her drawers for clothes.


The week in between Christmas and New Years, we did our next round of uku treatments to make sure we kill any stragglers. But we haven’t even found an egg in weeks. Hallelujah! And between all this Holiday and sickies, we even squeezed in a few more Christmas photos!


Anywhoo….It’s been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. I am hoping to get back on target very soon! (Speaking of Target, all Christmas stuff is 90% off and I just bought 20 rolls of wrapping paper. I have a problem hahaha)

2017-12-31 19.16.57

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