Leaving on a Jetplane with a Toddler? Here’s what to pack!

I don’t know about you but packing to go on a trip gets me so frazzled! Heading home I can careless about packing but going out there gives me total anxiety. I have always been a last minute packer but knowing I had to pack not only myself but a toddler I actually started early! If you are heading out on a trip I thought this would be a fun blog to write to help a sister out. I might include a few Disney oriented things as well.



This is where I put all the main items. Clothes, jackets, socks, shoes, and all that jazz. I also included all of our toiletries. Since I was traveling with a toddler though and knew snacking was going to be a big thing, I brought extra snacks. Stuff like cereal, puffs, and goldfish.

I also included me and my hubbies poncho’s from our last Disney trip. These are great not only for rainy days but also on water rides.

My suitcase also held all of Riley’s clothes, diapers, and wipes to that pretty much filled me to the top. My husbands suitcase held mainly his stuff and extra room for stuff to bring back. I also brought only enough diapers to last our time there knowing that would free up space and weight on my suitcase on the way back.

Carry On 

My rule of thumb is to never leave anything important in your suitcase. I would think this is common practice but as I helped my niece who is almost out of high school I had to remind her what was important and what was not. Best way to think of it is, if your luggage was lost OR you got stuck somewhere in an airport, what would you need to survive. This is what goes in your carry on.

In my Carry On (a roll-aboard), I pack my medicine, contacts,  one set of extra clothes, diapers and wipes. I also included all of our chargers for all our electronics. I also made copies before I left home of all our ID’s, Credit Cards, and other important documents. One set I left at home, and one set I brought with me in an envelope. This envelope also held printed versions of all our reservations, flight information, and tickets. I make the copies so if our wallets or anything get stolen I have all my information still on me as we work out what to cancel or where to go from there.

I also had a separate little box that held “Disney Magic” as I called it and it held special ears for everyone, lanyards, and our Disney tickets. I didn’t let anyone see these until our first morning as a surprise. If you don’t know, you can save money on buying your lanyards and ears outside of the park. I got all of ours off Etsy. It was fun to buy things that had a bit more character in them to make them more you than the stuff you see in all their stores. I also bought lanyards off of places like Hot Topic and eBay.

Personal Item

This is a simple backpack.

In the past this is where all my camera equipment, laptop and snacks would be. But this time around it was very Riley based.

Inside I had snacks, her water, favorite stuffed monster, coloring books, sticker books, and our ipad. I also had a set easily accessible charger cords since most planes have a USB port for charging.

I want to say of all the activities we packed for Riley, the stickers were by far her favorite thing. She spent at least an hour or so just taking them off and sticking them on herself or me…and then the plane…She probably would’ve kept going if we didn’t run out of stickers on that sheet. They have some awesome sticker packages on Amazon. We got a Moana set for I think like $5?



Don’t forget to pack your smiles and sense of humor!

And of course, don’t forget a stroller! And bring a carseat if you are renting a car or using a shuttle that needs a carseat!

Traveling can be hectic, things can go wrong, so the best thing you can do is try to keep calm and find something to laugh about. Everything will work out eventually!

I hope you all have fun on your future vacations!

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