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Hey Everyone!

With a New Year, I am rolling out new price packages as well as a new way of delivering my images to you!

For many years, I would do a session and give the images on a CD or USB. As those start to age out with technology, I would do WeTransfer or Dropbox. But I recently came across a new and BEAUTIFUL way to deliver photos that I have fallen in love with! And if you have worked with me in the last 2-3 months, you’ve likely already seen it!

I now work with this wonderful website called PixieSet. I am able to create these beautiful galleries that are password protected for your safety. This also allows for an easy way to view and download your images straight to your computer. Another little bonus is that I can also now sell prints through PixieSet. So if you don’t want to take the time to download, upload your images elsewhere and then print, you can easily do it from your gallery.

I love PixieSet so much and I’m sure you will too!

One of the things I am changing though is I am no longer going to be offering all your images with your basic package. This is something I have struggled with for awhile. I have always felt like one of the things I love being able to do is giving someone all of their images because I believe every single photograph holds a special memory. With the use of PixieSet, I was also able to run a few tests to find that clients weren’t downloading everything like I originally thought. So while this is a huge change for me, I still wanted to find a way that I wasn’t completely leaving this behind. So I’ve come up with this instead.

All packages will now only include a specific amount of images.  IF you see more images that you like, you can either purchase additional images for $25 each, OR if you want to download the entire album like the good ol days, you can do so for an additional flat fee of $125. This has no limit on the size of your gallery. So if your gallery has a total of 50 images in it, you can have it all for an extra $125. If your gallery has 100+ images inside, you can get it for that $125 price.

This being said, as I transition into this way of working, there may be a couple problems a long the way as I figure out how to work with PixieSet. So I will appreciate all the patience you have! I will do my best to figure it out as quickly as possible! And with this, if I am experiencing the same problem every time, I may make some amends to the packages, so I can serve you, my friends, even better!

Now to officially release my new packages!


I have really fallen in love with family sessions! The listed session rate above is also for a family of 5. So any families larger than that, just add an additional $25 per person. I cannot wait to meet all the new families I’ll get to work with this year!


I think last year I found a real nice happy number for the session price, so this is where it shall stay! Please, if you need specific images for your senior for the yearbook, please make sure you give me the schools recommendations for images before your session date!


These sessions are perfectly intimate for just couples without any little ones yet or for those couples ready to show off their bump! *Maternity Sessions with kids, please refer to the family session prices.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please note that all sessions now ask for a 50% retainer fee from your session total that is nonrefundable to hold your session spot. All Sessions must be paid in full my your session date.

I am still happy to work on small weddings starting at $600. Please contact me at for more information!

Whoo hooo!! Well I am super EXCITED for this New Year!

If you are ready to get some new photos on your wall, please email me at!

Not ready yet? I invite you to keep reading my blog or to follow me on weekdays on my Instagram @sharonholck.

I also now am starting an email list where you can become my inside group. It may be a little slow to start, but I want to give you the details before they happen as well as hear from you on things I should do in the future to better serve you! If you want to sign up, Click this link below!


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