This is a little late and I don’t know how it happened but my baby is 2!

That tiny little munchkin who had me scared out of my mind is now the person who makes me smile every day and gives me the best cuddles.

She is just the silliest little human I’ve ever known and I just love watching her learn to navigate this world that we live in. She is just the smartest, organized, silly little chef that I’ve ever known. She loves to jump around the house and feed the ducks. I don’t think she could choose a favorite animal between birds and dogs. She loves music and watching people dance. She is becoming my little Disney obsessed child who cannot get enough of Disney JR especially if it comes to Moana, Elena or Minnie Mouse.

I thought it would be fun to do a little picture time line of her growing up to her turning 2! Enjoy this little bundle of cuteness!


Annnnnd finally, TWO



We also had a small party at home with the family. We had her favorite meal (pizza) and then I made some Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes to go with her Oh Two-dles theme 🙂



If you love the Oh Two-dles cake topper, I got it off Etsy from BellsNBerries shop! Click here!

If you like Riley’s Outfit, I got it from the Etsy shop GlitterMeCute! Click here!

The rest of the Mickey toppers I made myself with scrapbooking paper, hot glue and toothpicks.

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