Valentine’s Day Mini’s!

I had a blast last weekend teaming up with my fellow Stroller Strides mama’s as we decided to do a Valentine’s Day toy drive donating toys to a local hospital. In return, mama’s who donated were able to sign up for a super quick mini session for Valentine’s Day!

I was so worried as I watched the weather and it looked like we were going to be rained out. So I decided to set up the studio in the house and get all ready for the kiddos. We kept our living room as a kids play and wait area in between sessions and boy was it fun!

Riley was the absolute cutest though as she helped me set up the back drop and then as people showed up, she would welcome them at the door and tell them to come inside. Then she would tell the kids to come sit in the backdrop and say cheese. Just warms my heart to see her become so helpful and I can only imagine where this might go as she gets older! She at one point even grabbed her play camera and sat next to me trying to take pictures of the kids. And if a kid was a little nervous, she would sometimes jump into the photo and show them how it’s done.


So many of these kids did so amazing though. They really brought their smile game. And sometimes we had to take some breaks in between to get some silliness out (which honestly are some of my favorite pictures!)

Enjoy all these little love bugs!


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