Kayleigh is 1!

Spring time in Hawaii is very rainy. We went from sunny days to over a week of rainy days. The first day we scheduled, we ended up getting poured out so we rescheduled for a week later to try again.

We were on our toes getting up to the day as we watched the weather vary between cloudy to rainy. I told my friend Sherri that we can deal with clouds, it’s the rain we need to stay away. When the day came it had started to drizzle on the car drive there BUT as soon as we got there the clouds held up and we were able to have this adorable little session!


Sweet little Kayleigh put up with the windy weather to give us smiles that just brightened up our evening! Now Riley loves Mickey Mouse, but I don’t think nothing compares the the smiles Kayleigh gives the second you hold up a Mickey doll! She might be one of the easiest little one’s I’ve ever worked with based on those Mickey smiles alone!

You will also see quite the cake that Kayleigh had the opportunity to smash! Sherri said she had originally bought a cake, but when the weather didn’t work she ended up ordering another cake for our rescheduled day. When she got there, they ended up not having one ready! Well luck was on her side when they ended up refunding her AND giving her this gorgeous two tier cake for Kayleigh to smash at the beach! I think that’s a win win!

I hope you enjoy Kayleigh and her wonderful smiles and wish her a very happy birthday!


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