And Now, Hives…

This year has really started off with a bang.

I feel like I’ve disappeared from here lately and even a bit from instagram but in all honesty, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

As we roll into March, I can say 2018 has really been testing all my mommy powers more than 2017 and I almost wanna say 2016 ever did. We ended 2017 with a horrible stomach flu and lice problem and came into 2018 with a long cough. Just as that started to fade, teething began once again and seemed to bring it right back. We also started the year off with the loss of my grandmother who was the most joyful person many of us have ever known but we are happy for her to be in heaven with grandpa and other family members who have gone before us. My niece also went to a camp until summer time, so it’s been hard not having her at home. We miss our yaya.


February gave us the fall that took half of Riley’s tooth, replacing it with our shiny pirate tooth. I am happy to say that while I had a really hard time with it in the beginning, I have finally started getting used to it. It does make me laugh sometimes when it does catch the sun or a camera flash though and give a little extra sparkle haha.

2018-02-05 11.20.41-2

And just when I told Riley that mama couldn’t handle any more big whammies right now and that we needed a break. We got another one.

We woke up last Wednesday seeing a couple red marks on her tummy and her suddenly learning the word “itchy”. We didn’t think that much of it more than either a random itchy spot or maybe a bug bite. We went on with our day and when we went to change her diaper around 3pm we found she was covered in hives. I was able to stay calm this time as my dad constantly gets hives though Tony was freaking out a little bit more.

We rinsed her off and called the pediatrician and then went to the park while we waited for a call back. Some time at the park, it seemed to clear up a little, only to come back even worse by nightfall.

The next day they were still there.

Friday, they were still there and they were the worst of all. We were having my grandma’s funeral and she was just miserable. She was now covered in sores where she had scratched herself so much. She was practically pink from the calamine lotion as we tried to dull the itch. Many people asked if she had been painting since it was all over her. My poor baby. By time we got home, she was in just tears. I think she felt like she was being scolded when we kept asking her to rub not scratch but they were so itchy. We finally found an oatmeal powder bath by Aveeno and had her sit in that and I swear I could almost see them disappear.

The next morning we were clear! Until a few hours in where they came back but it wasn’t nearly as bad. Our only lead to what may have given her the hives is a Cliff Bar that my husband had given her a couple bites of. It’s weird cause it was a chocolate, peanut butter banana cliff bar which is all things she eats on a regular basis. Peanut butter was being practically consumed daily these days. I know allergies can happen anytime but this was really out of no where.

Ugh, being a parent is so hard.  When she was so itchy, I just wished I could take it away from her.

We have since tried all three to see if we got similar reactions and got nothing so now I wonder if it is still the cliff bar or maybe something we may never know.

All I know, I am hoping we can take a break from the constant health worries these last two months have given us. Here’s to a peaceful couple of months, though with a toddler who knows right? haha!


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