Mini Stories 5

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these! Enjoy!!


So this is totally random but I have this bottle of dish soap.

It may sound crazy, but I don’t think this is an ordinary bottle of dish soap.

Why you might ask?

Because I bought this bottle when Riley was born. I have never refilled it. But here it stands. We are over two years old which means we are over 2 years of using this bottle. And honestly I won’t be surprised if it lasts at least for another 4-6 months!!

I think I have some how managed to buy a magical bottle of dish soap hahaha!! At this rate I think I might be really sad when it runs out.

Any one want to place their ideas of when this bottle will run out?! It is only used for washing bottles! Comment your guesses below!

2018-03-25 16.03.45


So we have been working really hard on talking with Riley. And since we have started working with early intervention, I have seen a HUGE boom in her vocabulary. Especially over this weekend. I swear I woke up with a new child haha!

We switched cars recently so I’ve been borrowing my dad’s van to get around so Riley can see out the window a little better. She always tells us when we are turning onto our street or when we are nearing the beach. I’ve been trying to tell her other places like the park or store for her to pick up on. On Saturday, it was pouring rain and she suddenly came up to me and said “Mommy…Park?” I told her sorry because it was raining. She got sad and then said “Beach?!” I said no again and she thought about it for a second. The next word out of her mouth was “Mommy MALL!!” I just about died laughing and was like well that we can do! So we packed up and headed to the mall and we let her make a day at Fun Factory and at the indoor play area. She had a blast! I just couldn’t believe that she finally is learning how to ask to go places. It is just amazing.

2018-03-24 14.59.31

Yesterday, we were sitting eating breakfast and she noticed Jade wasn’t at the table so she asked “Air Jade?” and Kayden replied saying that she was at a birthday party. Riley replied with “Oh yah, Birthday party…” And me and Kayden just looked at each other amazed that she repeated it that well!

It’s just so cool seeing this side of her develop. I love hearing how she says butterfly or heart. And how certain words just have this cute little sound to them.

Another little win of this weekend is we have had 5 meals in a row without a struggle from her. She is taking after me so far and is extremely picky but these lsat few meals she has eaten all or almost all of it and even tried a couple things without us even offering it to her. She tried Tony’s celery and tried a fish cake from my ramen. I laughed at the fish cake though cause I she tried really hard to make it look like she liked it cause it was called “cake” but after keeping it in her mouth for a minute or two she spit it all out with a full body shiver hahaha! This girl just cracks me up! She even tried to eat her whole meal with chopsticks!

2018-03-25 12.15.07


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