Easter 2018

This year we Eastered hard haha.

The day before Easter, I took Riley outside to dye some eggs. We did the whipped cream and food coloring type of eggs so that she can get as messy as she wanted. I boiled the eggs in vinegar to help get the colors to stay vibrant. I got a dish and sprayed the whipped cream inside then dropped some food coloring inside. I gently mixed it with a knife and then took it outside to let her have at it.

She dipped her first egg into the whipped cream and gave it a small lick and then her eyes just lit up with excitement haha! She continued to drip the eggs and just eat the whipped cream. I kept trying to show her to roll the eggs inside but whipped cream won this round. I can’t blame her though. Look that this face!


On Easter Morning, she ran into the living room and picked up a couple eggs. I had filled all her eggs with either a mini muffin or with cinnamon cereal. When she found the cereal, that was all that mattered.  She was addicted to the cereal and that was all she wanted. In fact, she made me go collect the rest of the easter eggs that were hidden around the room. She did have a lot of fun opening and sorting them though into a muffin pile or pouring the cereal into a snack container.


After we cleaned up and drove to my cousins house for a cousin easter egg hunt. We hid tons of eggs and let the kiddos go nuts! Riley loved hunting with the cousin and she found it hilarious that the bunny even hid eggs in the tree and reacted with “funny bunny!”


After the hunt, my family made an awesome breakfast with eggs, meats, and sweet bread french toast. (Seriously I think the best french toast I have ever had!) After breakfast the cousins all played. Riley loved playing in this closet and running out to chase cousins and also playing with bubbles. They even had this cool bubble mower that makes bubbles as you push it!

Soon after we actually decided to meet up with some other friends at the botanical gardens and we did a little easter egg hunt there as well. The little ones had fun finding eggs, playing with bubbles, and going on a treasure hunt for flowers and sticks.

You can imagine that this little girl knocked out before we even got home. She didn’t even wake up at all when I pulled up to the house and took her inside. Definitely a tired little egg hunter.

I love being able to make this magic for her. My mom was such a master of all the holidays that really made my childhood magical. I just love that I am being able to do the same for her.

How did everyone else’s easter go? Tell me in the comments below!

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