Riley’s Easter Photos

A couple days before Easter, I suddenly realized I hadn’t taken Easter photos yet.

So I packed up Riley and took her to a beach park. While I was editing them I realized I ended up choosing the exact same tree as I did last year too!

I won’t lie and say it went perfect because she knows how to act behind the camera because she really didn’t. She wanted nothing to do with my decorations. She was just more excited to be by the beach than to take pictures. I have a lot of her looking pretty pouty as she easter egg hunted though it I can imagine her voicing in her head “ughh gotta clean up after mom again. Why does she keep spreading these eggs around for me to pick up” haha!

She started running around the tree after so I told her to stand by the tree and run at me. These were probably the best pictures cause she thought it was hilarious.

So fun little tidbit. When you are taking pictures of kids, be aware of what they are interested in, what makes them laugh and smile. Kids react best when you play with them. If you are going into a photo shoot, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what games or words make them laugh or interact. For Riley this time, It was a running game that got what I needed.


After that I cleaned up and took her to the beach for a few minutes so she could see the waves. She was so happy. She is becoming such a beach baby and I know I need to get out there more often.

After naptime, I actually tried to do a round two! I set up our yard with her baby gate and patched up any holes and set up an easter area. I brought out our bunny for Riley to take pictures with. (I promise no animals were harmed during this session)



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