Over the past year, I’ve been listening to a couple business podcasts and I get amazed when I hear the same things over and over. BUT that being said, if it is getting said over and over by so many different people that it must work? One of those things was choosing a word for the year. I decided this year I wanted to focus on the year Growth.

I have had so many false starts with my business where I get a couple sessions and then stop all my momentum. I always come up with excuses of soon, soon, soon, or when I get this figured out then I’ll focus on this or that. But in the end, it doesn’t get me anywhere. So after a year of in depth listening to these podcasts, reading articles and blogs, I decided to set up some goals for myself this year. I know this sounds like something I probably should have written in January but better late than never right?

I want to focus on GROWTH.

I want to grow my business. My vision is to have a brand, a logo, and a blog that is all cohesive that allows people to see who I am, what I do, but also to get people to want to get to know me for who I am. I want it to have more space to grow as one day I hope to even come out with a course or two of my own.

I want to grow my client base. Not just in the amount of sessions I’m having but in making real relationships with the families I photograph. I want to be a part of watching their families grow as well. I want to speak it out into the world that I would LOVE if I could get a minimum of 4 family sessions a month starting in May.

I want to grow myself to become a photographer so I can make even better work. My grandpa always said that “the day you stop learning is the day you die”, so I know there is still so much to learn about my craft and I should pursue more knowledge in it.

I want to grow as a mother and a wife so that I can continue being there in the best way possible. I know that growing my business will one day allow me to have the life I want to make for my family.

One of the last things I want to grow in is my confidence. Sometimes I feel so much back and forth of if I should do something or not, and I know sometimes I need to just take that leap! That being said, I KNOW I need to gather some client surveys from those I’ve already photographed to see if there is anywhere I can improve for future clients, as well as know what I am doing good in. If I have photographed you before, please keep a watch in your inbox for a short survey that I would just love for you to fill out and help me work on my goals.

I know this probably seemed a bit like a dream journal entry but I figured, why not let you into my mind on what my dreams are. After all, if I don’t speak it out into the world, how will it become known. I’m so happy to have you guys on this journey with me!

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