The Little Things

I’ve been finding myself at the park with Riley more and more these days.

Partially because I know that if I give her the chance to run around for 30 mins or so, her nap times come so much easier than if we were to stay home. Yes she gets time at the park when we do stroller strides but the days that I take her just on her own mean so much more.

I laugh because I remember being a teenager and getting so annoyed when my nephews or niece would ask to go to the park because I’d rather stay home but now I love taking her out. I love seeing how she interacts with others, how she explores this world, and I love just being able to spend time and really engage with her.

These moments are so fleeting and we never know how much time any of us have on this earth and it makes me just want to hold on to every single moment. I know that we are supposed to be the ones teaching them but I think there are so many times where they teach us instead.


Think about it.


How often do we just walk up to someone and say hi?

When was the last time you just laid in the grass and looked up at the sky?

Take notice of a little lady bug crawling on your skin?

Laugh at how awesome seeds can be when you throw them into the wind?

Just stop and enjoy the rain on your skin and jump in a puddle?

Laugh at how fun it can be to just run and spin in circles?

When was the last time you put the phone away and just really watched your kids do what they do? I remember wondering how someone can become obsessed with their kids, but truth is, I am totally obsessed! I cannot stop watching how she plays with her toys, how she gets excited for the tiniest things, or how silly she is. Our kids are seriously amazing little humans if we just disconnect and get down to their level. Yes, it is great to take a few pictures or video to remember the moments, but don’t forget to snap and then put it away and look at it maybe after they’ve gone to sleep. Take in all this precious time we get with them before they grow up.

There are so many just simple things that we take for granted or don’t take the time to notice them anymore. Our kids are amazing because everything to them is a wonder, and if you take the time to look at life through their eyes, I feel like it helps you get just a little more appreciative for the day you’re having.

I hope that some of these days together stick with her so that one day she will tell me what she may have thought back then. I know these days mean so much to her but I don’t think she knows how much they mean to me too.

I think back to the days when she could just move her arms and legs wildly, and then to the days where she learned to sit and to crawl and how close yet so far away those days seem. Back then, you simply dream about the future, but as you start getting into that future, all you can think about is how can you slow it down or even go back to those days.

These days are going by so fast, and one day the days where we just spend time rolling in the grass or playing in the puddles will be replaced with handing over the car keys so she can go hang out with her friends. These mornings where we cuddle in bed for just a few extra minutes will be replaced by a knock before entering sign on their bedroom doors.

I truly believe that taking the time to embrace your inner child and be present with them will make all the difference as we all get older. I challenge you to take notice of 3 things that you otherwise would have left unnoticed. Look for those small things that can still give a sense of wonder. Try see the world through the eyes of a child.


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