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Thank you so much you guys for a fabulous launch weekend! It felt so good to see it live and being shared. I promise I am working on writing up those entries! I will pull the name on Thursday for my next blog post so keep an eye out there!

But for now, I wanted to do a quiet little blog post that mellows out after the hustle and bustle of this launch weekend. And if you are new here, I hope you enjoy it!

I am honestly not a reader. And I laugh because I remember when we got pregnant, I even told Tony that he will be in charge of reading her all the books because I just don’t like it.

Well just another one of those “haha you thought! ” moments because I have found myself now reading to her a minimum of 6 books a day. Usually three and naptime and 3 at bedtime. We’ve been so graciously given a whole bunch of books by my friends mom and Riley just cannot get enough of them.

I thought I would write down the top 5 books that Riley cannot get enough of and the top 5 books that I like reading.

Riley’s Top 5

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom– This book is so cute reading to her cause she loves all the colors, shapes, and sounds in the book. She always has to point out the coconuts and the moon. Our favorite page is when all the letters fall out of the tree cause she always get’s very concerned and has to ask the letters if they are all okay. Seriously makes me smile every time.

Peek A Flap WHO/MOO– These books are fun to learn about animals and where they live. I will admit, both books actually had animal facts I didn’t even know. I also like it that even though it is a flap book, the flaps are extra thick so they are harder to break. Perfect for toddlers.

G is for Gecko – My bestie got her this book for Christmas and she just loves it. It has a great rhythm to read and it just follows this gecko on his little adventure for his day. It even helped her learn some colors cause she would point to the letters or the colors of the geckos and say what color they are. She has recently started getting an interest in letters too so I imagine it is going to get really fun learning letters soon too.

Blue Hat, Green Hat– She loved this book way more than I expected. It is a super easy read (Even easy if you don’t have glasses on cause you can still see the color blurs which is perfect for my blind morning eyes haha). Anywho, It simply goes through all the colors they can wear and has a silly turkey who just can’t seem to get his clothes on right. This book really helped with her learning her colors to the point, I don’t even know if we would know colors without this book.

Where’s Spot– So we actually have a hand-me-down version of this book so all the flaps are gone so she doesn’t even know what she is missing. But she loves seeing the different animals hiding and she is super into families right now so she always needs to make sure Spot does get to his mommy. She gives the cutest “ spot” when they are finally reunited. I may have also sparked her curiosity in this series because I used to watch the animated Spot cartoon when I was little and will occasionally show it to her on youTube. She always asks me for “Hewoo Sot” 🙂


Mommy’s Top 5

Twinkle Twinkle Small Hoku– I am in love with these local books. They are simple reads with beautiful artwork. This one is a favorite though and I bought it since her name is Kahoku’okealoha (Beloved Star) that she should get to know her name. The book takes you on a journey through the sea following their special hoku star that will eventually lead them back home. I always have her find the star on every page to keep her engaged, but it’s a great night time book. You could even sing it in the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star though it gets a bit long haha!

Barnyard Dance– This one I think is so much fun to read through. I always laugh in the back of my mind thinking about Miley Cyrus Hoedown Throwdown because just like the song it names the dance move for you to do. This book just has a great rhythm and she loves pointing out all the animals in the book.

Tickle Time– Another fun one with a good rhythm. I sometimes wonder if it’s too exciting of a book for night time but I do it anyway. I think it has such a good outlook on life to just get together with friends and have some fun when you’re feeling down. Not to mention, if it isn’t nap time, the tickles are a blast!

Take Heart, My Child. A Mother’s Dream– I’ll be honest that I kind of just got this book and I’m still figuring out it’s rhythm but what catches me on this book is the illustrations. It is filled with these beautiful paintings of a mother and daughter in different dreamy locations. There’s a couple pages I wish I could rip out and just hang on my walls because they are just that beautiful. I will say the book can be a little bit of a tear jerker if you’re feeling a little emotional but otherwise, it is a beautiful book.

Slippers in Hawaii- Another one of the local books here that I just love! It was actually the first book I bought Riley. It is filled with cute little illustrations and if you have grown up in Hawaii, it totally brings in the feelings of home. Some of my favorite pages include lines about “slippers everywhere” and shows a picture of slippers scattered everywhere and it just brings me back to going to my families parties and there would be so many slippers at the front door, it was always hard to find your specific ones, aaaaand sometimes you might take home a cousins ones instead. Another page talks about how slippers fit only you with 5 toe shaped nests. So True! My last favorite page is the one where they mention that if you wear slippers on your hands, that it will make you run real fast, which again, I remember elementary days where we would be racing out friends and we would put are slippers on our feet and run even faster. At least we thought. All in all, it’s a super cute and fun book.




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