May Craft Time!

One of the things I have recently taken over with Stroller Strides is the weekly playgroup. We do a lot of crafts and I will be completely honest to say that I am finding them off Pinterest, but I thought it might be fun to let you guys in as well to see what me and Riley are working on every week.

This month I chose the theme May flowers  because you know how the saying goes: “April showers, bring May flowers!”

Now I didn’t want to just make flowers all month so I focused on stuff you might find in the garden while the flowers are blooming.

Because I am working mostly with toddlers, my goal is to go quick and easy crafts that don’t involve too much mess. There may be times in the future where we will but this month I didn’t want to bring that to playgroup. I also tried to focus on supplies that can go a long way. Below was my shopping list (remember I am buying packs since these are with multiple kids as well):

1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of gluesticks
2 glue bottles
1 pack of googly eyes
1 pack of pipecleaners
1 back of jumbo cotton balls
1 pack of white paper plates
roll of streamers for every color of the rainbow
1 ball of string
crayons & markers & paints

I will probably add popsicle sticks, clothespins, and stickers to the list. I figure these supplies can do a lot of fun and be used over and over. I also want to recycle pieces as much as I can.

Week 1: Rainbows (10 mins)

I chose rainbows because I felt that we needed to first give some of those happy colors time to shine especially with how much rain we have been having. It was kind of funny that the day we made these rainbows it was POURING too.

Supplies Needed:
Cotton balls
Paper Plates
Colored Streamers

Simply cut the paper plate in half. I put dots of glue on the plate and let the kids place the cotton balls on them. Then we turned the plates over and made a line of sticky with a glue stick. The kids helped name the colors of the rainbow and we laid each color on the back of the plate. I already left holes in the top of the plate so we could put a string so it can be hung up somewhere at home. The kids loved the colors and the how they flowed in the wind.

Week 2: Mother’s Light Up Our World (5 mins)

I didn’t want to make a simple mother’s day card because I wanted the kids to be able to put something together that also wasn’t super messy. I found this activity that was a jar with fireflies and a little note that says “Mom, You light up my world!”.

Supplies needed: 
Construction paper

I cut out a jar shape from colored paper. The size I made allowed me to fit 2 jars per sheet. Then on a yellow sheet I wrote out the text in a 2-3 inch oval shape. Also on the yellow I cut out a whole bunch of circles and then flew a little bug shape on them.

I helped Riley put on the oval text and then with a glue stick, I did a quick layer of glue so she could simply stick the bugs on like a sticker. This activity seriously comes together a lot quicker than the preparations for it.

Week 3: Butterflies (15 mins)

I don’t know about you but my toddler LOVES butterflies. Like it was seriously one of her first words. So I thought this was a perfect spring creature to make for the kids.

Supplies Needed: 
Construction Paper
Paper Plates
Markers, crayons or paint
Optional: Googly Eyes

To prep for this you are going to cut a paper plate in half. Then cut out the center of the plate. You should end up with a rainbow shape and a half circle. Place the rainbow shape on the side cause it will get used in week 5’s activity.

Grab your kids favorite construction paper color and cut out a kind of hour glass shape. Take those half circle pieces of the plate and on the straight side, cut a little triangular notch in the center. Next help your child to glue the construction paper body to the plate pieces to create the butterflies shape. Then let your kid color the wings with your favorite coloring source whether it be paint, markers, or crayons. Last but not least, glue on pipe cleaners for antennas and optional googly eyes for eyes.

Week 4: Flower Garden (5 mins)

Okay by this point of May the flowers must be in bloom right?!

Supplies Needed: 
Paper Plate
Construction Paper
Coloring materials
Optional: Cotton balls

Precut out multiple colored flower shapes from the construction paper for your kid to choose from. Help your kid color the bottom half of the plate green and the top of it blue. Optional, glue cotton ball clouds to the sky. Then help your child glue the flower shapes to the grass to plant their flowers. This is another one of those, the prep will take longer than the putting together.

Week 5: Caterpillars (5 mins)

Remember those rainbow shapes that were left behind from the butterfly activity? I hope you saved them cause now this is the time for them to get used.

Supplies Needed: 
Paper Plates
Construction Paper
Googly eyes
Coloring Stuff

To save time, I precut colored circles about 3-4 inches from construction paper and glued them to one side of the plate. I am super glad I did because I come to find that the plates I bought take a little while to dry sometimes so this way, the kids can get straight to the fun part. Help them glue on pipecleaner antennae and googly eyes. After that, let them have at it on decorating their worm. I will be using just markers to decorate with but feel free to let them paint or use stickers or other things to glue on to them.

And that is it you guys! That is all the activities we are doing this month! I hope to pick up a couple of them to do with your kids. Riley has been having a blast making these. Again, I am not so brilliant to design these all myself and I am getting them off Pinterest, I’m just putting them more to a lesson plan and sometimes changing up the supplies or look of them to make them more toddler friendly. Oh, and heads up, start saving some toilet paper rolls because I want to do some activities with those soon too! Next months theme I believe is Water!

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