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I’m sure I’m not the only one who always have to check in on specific people to see what they are up to on their blogs or instagram. One of my favorites just happens to also be one of my husbands friends from high school whose wife has a beautiful blog and instagram. She is an awesome mommy of two, an amazing baker, and has a great community that has on her platforms. I love watching all fun and real mom moments, cute videos and pictures of her kids, and all the behind the scenes as she creates these beautiful cakes, cookies, and cupcakes (which if you know me, I am a sucker for sweets).

Her name is Mal Botts and you can find her blog Aloha Botts And Totts  and her instagram @malhbotts

One of the things she also is associated with is the Gals That Brunch Oahu chapter. A bunch of ladies that seek out the best brunches in their areas and get to have some gal time. I have been wanting to get in on this since she started but couldn’t get it cause of scheduling. Finally I decided this month was the month! I saw the post to watch out for tickets and the next thing I know they were posted and sold out! After thinking I would just have to wait another month, she posted saying they were in need of a photographer. You can imagine I jumped on that so fast!

So I got to join in on the Mother’s Day Gals that Brunch for May and I loved it! I met some amazing ladies and watched them make some beautiful haku’s. The brunch was at Prima Kailua and now I am begging to go back. I laughed because I decided to be healthy and try their strawberry macadamia nut salad which was amazing until I saw the waitress walk by with french toast. I immediately regretted my decision and ended up ordering a plate of french toast hahaha! No regrets! This french toast was the best french toast I have ever tasted. I wish they were open for breakfast cause I would totally be dragging my family back there more often!

I just had to share some of my favorite images from this event and invite you ladies that if you want to join in on some brunches with other great ladies, then you need to follow Mal for all those updates! If you are not on Oahu, you can also check out their website, Gals That Brunch, and try to find a brunch near you!

Also if you want to see Mal’s blog post from that day, check it out here.

If you want to work with an awesome lei and haku maker, check out Aunty Nani Lei Stand

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