June Activities

Did everyone participate in any of our May crafts? If you did, I would love to see them!

I just finished making our schedule for June. I’m not sure about you but I know as summer comes around, the want to be near or in water comes too. So for the month of June we are focusing on water! Of course, it is also comes with Father’s day so we will have a father’s day craft as well, but the rest is all water and I cannot wait for the kiddos to get some water time.

Week 1 : we are going to do water balloon fishing. While browsing ideas for water activities and saw this and it went on my list immediately. How can you go wrong? Kids + balloons+ water = happiness!

For this activity, I will be filling up a small container for the kids to play in along with some water balloons. I am also going to buy some disposable bowls that the kids can use to catch the balloons. I thought this would be a fun activity to work on hand eye coordination as well as giving the kids something fun to cool off with in the heat of summer.

Week 2: We are making Fathers Day ties!


Construction paper

I will be taking the time to precut the tie shapes and attaching the string at the top of the tie so that when I bring it to the kids all they have to do is color. This is a super easy activity for your kids to do and it will make for a fun picture with daddy on fathers day 🙂

Week 3: Pool Noodle Boats

The next water activity will be little pool noodle boats. Now you can find many kinds of boats that you can make out of toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, plastic bottles and other things around the house. But this pool noodle one seemed like the quickest and easiest way to make a boat with our toddlers.

Pool Noodle
Straws or Skewers
Paper or Sheet of thin foam

I will precut all of the papers, straws and pool noodles so that all the kids and parents have to do is choose their colors and put it together. After that they can put their boats in a container of water and let their boats sail.

Week 4: Sink or Float Water Play

This week is going to be really relaxed. I am bringing a tub of water again and some objects for the kids to play with like cups and funnels and spoons. I will also let people know that they can bring some items that they can check if they will sink or float and the kids and experiment with that.

This is the perfect activity for kids to play and cool off. I love setting up our kiddie pool in our yard and giving Riley a old juice container, spoon and bowl and just letting her go awhile so this is sure to be a hit.

I hope that you guys do some of these activities this month. If you do, please tag me in them on instagram or comment below to let me know if they were a hit for your littles too! Check in for more activities next month!

Disclaimer: I found these activities on pinterest and the images are not mine. I am simply making little playgroup plans that I thought would be fun to bring others along for the fun!

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