Hennessy – Never Stop, Never Settle

One of my favorite projects that I did one summer while attending Pratt Institute was a collaboration with Hennessy. I was a part of their third annual contest with other students from the school to participate back in 2014. When you get into your major at Pratt, at least as a photography major, you don’t really get to meet many people outside of your major on the daily. This was a fun experience where I got to meet people from all different majors at Pratt and work off of their creativity as well.

Hennessy had a mantra of Never Stop, Never Settle and gave us the idea of a Wild Rabbit that is our inspiration and what drives us to do what we do. They had us figure out our wild rabbit and give us full liberty of what kind of piece we wanted to make for the show in Manhattan where we would be judged. The finalists would be flown to LA for a series of events and another show.

While I did not win, it was an amazing experience to be critiqued by some influential people in the industry as well as creating new friendships along the way. It also kept me in the creating zone because many times I would put away my camera for the summer and not focus on creating work, but this brought me back to focusing a little longer on a project and gave me a bigger vision for when I would return the following semester.

I am not going to lie here but I honestly cannot remember what I had said my Wild Rabbit was nor can I find any documents for an artist statement back then but I imagine it still being along the lines of wanting to find beauty in everything. I remember being fascinated with the happy mistakes in my work and knowing how life doesn’t always go as planned and that sometimes you just need to embrace what comes your way. I did this a lot with my work as it was very experimental at the time and I never really knew what was going to come out of it.

This work was really the beginning for Synthetic Alchemy and some of it even worked it’s way into the critiques as I made that body of work.

For this set I used a combination of household cleaners and alcohol. Images below include some of the images in the show as well as some that didn’t make it in but were printed 🙂

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