Riley is 2.5!

How is this possible? My little girl is 2.5 years old.

Like I swear we just had her birthday, and now here we are in the middle of the year! Say what?!

They really just grow up so fast. This morning she picked up her tricycle and I thought she was pushing it around the backyard while I was watering my plants only to turn around to see she was actually working the pedals! She figured out how to ride a bike today!! Now I will say she still has a way to go. She doesn’t really get the steering part and she can go backyards easier than going forwards. She steered real hard today and fell off soooo that made us go to Target to buy a helmet for her (congrats to me that I went in for one thing and came out with just that one thing hahaha).

I’m just so proud of her accomplishment though. She is also quite the chatterbox now and comes up with new words and even is stringing sentences together. It just blows me away how much she has progressed in these short few months!

On Friday, we also spend some time outside eating watermelon and playing in the water. I pulled out the big camera and decided to snap away. She is become quite the little ham again for the camera when she wants to with smiling on command and doing little poses.

If you are ready for some summer time cuteness, this is the blog post for you. Though I may just be bias since she’s mine haha.


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