July Activities

Here we go July! I don’t know about you but it has been a hot summer so far, and to think it is only going to get hotter! I decided bringing back some water activities would be the perfect thing for our munchkins to stay cool during this summer heat. It might not be every week but at least here and there 🙂 Now again, most of these activities I find on other blogs or pinterest and I am merely putting them together to have you be able to join me in some of the stuff I am doing with Riley and the other kiddos every month. As I start getting pictures of everything in action I will swap images out, but be aware that on some of these posts, not all the pictures are mine.

Now to the fun stuff!

July 4 – Water Painting

This is probably one of the easiest activities to do this summer! Grab a bucket of water and some paint brushes and let your kids go crazy on the drive way. There is virtually no mess besides maybe a wet child but hey, it’s probably so hot they’ll air dry themselves haha!

July 11 – Water Bin Play

Bringing back one of June’s activities because it was such an easy hit!

I spent so many hours gazing at water tables for Riley and how I wanted one for her. All the ones I wanted wouldn’t ship here and I was getting so frustrated. #hawaiiproblems. Finally I gave up and was like seriously, why do I stress so much about this when she is totally happy with some objects in a bin. So I ran out to target and bought a storage bin, filled it with some water, and let her go for it.

Some of our hit objects in our bit has been cups, cooking spoons, bowls, cotton balls, pvc pipe, stones, large leaves, wooden blocks, and ice cubes. I’m sure you can find other fun things around the house for them to play with.

July 18- Fishing

Okay this has become one of my favorites I have created and I am so mad at myself that I don’t have a good picture of it in use yet cause Riley LOVES it!

All you need is: Foam, hole puncher, paper clips, string, small magnet, hot glue, and a stick.

I cut out a bunch of fish shapes from the foam and the punched a hole at the front of the fish. I then strung a paper clip through the hole and tossed the wish into our water bin. Next I took a stick, tied a string to it and then hot glued a magnet to the string. After putting it all together, I let Riley go fishing in the house and she gets so excited every time she catches a fish! I cannot wait to show of this one at the playgroup!

I will say there are two ways of this activity. For no mess and indoors, simply just put the fish in a container with no water. The kids still have the same amount of fun trying to catch them. If you are outdoors and don’t mind the water play, add some water to the container to let the fish be able to float around.

July 25 – Alphabet and Sponges

What you need: Foam Alphabet letters, Sponges, String, and a Water bin.

When I was browsing fun water play activities I kept finding these sponge balls and I really wanted to make them but I felt like just playing with some sponge balls wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to simply add them to a water bin either. I then decided it might be fun to bring Riley’s bathtime foam letters so that the kids can see and learn letters while also playing with colorful sponge balls.

For the sponge balls, I bought the cheap sponges from Target. I cut them long ways into 4ths. Then I chose two colors and I would lay them side by side over a string. I would tie the string tight at the balls would automatically take their shape. Each ball I made was made out of 4 1/4 pieces of sponge and I usually chose two colors for every ball.


If you want to see some of the behind the scenes making and play time with these activities please check out my instagram stories! I even made a new highlight so you can see all the ones we’ve done so far! Make sure you stay tuned for August because we got some fun stuff planned already!


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