August Activities

Hey everyone ! I hope you guys have been enjoying all these fun projects with your kiddos. I know summer can be hard to amuse them sometimes so I hope I am giving at least a few minutes of peace while they enjoy something new and fun. Again, My disclaimer that most of these activities I find on other blogs and pinterest and I am merely just putting together a little schedule of activities that can allow others to participate with us as we do them too! If you are doing these activities, please tag me so I can see you too!!
I decided the theme for August would be Colors! 
Aug 1  Popsicle Sort
What you need: Toilet Paper rolls, Construction paper (or paint), Colored popsicle sticks (or be prepared to color them yourself), and a tray.
Simply cover each toilet paper roll with colored construction paper that matches the same on the sticks. Help your younger kiddos by telling them what each color is and showing them where it goes. And for those older ones, it doesn’t hurt to quiz them and cheer them on for all their correct color sorting. Or you can always let your kids run wild with this one.
Aug 8 Magic Milk
Okay I have seen and heard a lot about this one so I may be a bit excited to finally try this out.
What you need: Tray or bowl of milk. q Tips, dishsoap, food coloring.
Apparently if you pour the milk into a tray or bowl, drop some food coloring on top then grab a q tip that has been soaking in dishsoap something amazing happens. Apparently the colors will be pushed to mix as they get pushed away from the q tip. I thought the toddlers would have some fun with this first science experiment.
Aug 15 Pom Pom Sort
Recycling our popsicle sorter, take those same colored toilet paper rolls and tape them to the ends of a bin. Drop some colored pom poms inside the bin and let the kiddos sort the colored pom poms into the correct colored tube.
Aug 22 Colorful Water
This is another day of water play BUT I decided to add some food coloring to the mix. I will be bringing a few extra containers inside of the water bin and dye them different colors so the kids and play and mix colors.
Aug 29 Windstock
What you need: Toilet paper rolls,  construction paper, Streamers, glue, markers.
I am going pre wrap all of the toilet paper rolls with construction paper so when I bring it to the kids, all they will have to do is choose their favorite color and draw on it. Then they can choose a couple streamers and glue to the bottom of their roll and hang it up.

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