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If you are like me, you love browsing through your old boxes of photos or even scrolling through your pictures and videos you have saved on your phone. You love (and maybe shed a tear) at how fast your babies have grown but can’t help to just smile and keep falling in love with them again. You laugh when a picture reminds you of something funny they did or said. You get nostalgia when you go through your parents old photo albums and cant believe how young they looked or get surprised when you see how much you might look like your own children. You start to notice how pictures really shape your memories and how each one can hold a special place in your heart. You crave getting those fun family photos that you can share now and one day find again and be so happy you invested in a good photographer to capture your family as you are.

Did any of this make you say oh yes! Then maybe I am the right photographer for you and I am so happy you clicked on this post to find out!

If I don’t know you personally, I will probably start off our correspondence with a lot of questions about who you all are. How did you and your spouse meet? How did they propose? What do you do for work? How old are your kids? What do they love? I will also ask what kind of a session you have in your mind. Beach? Greenery? Maybe a little of both? All of these questions help me to mold your session and get to know you better so we can become friends rather than strangers. After all, who wants a stranger taking your picture anyway?

Soon we will set a date, location and time and I will email you a contract to be signed. We will also figure out a form of payment so we can get that out of the way and focus on the fun stuff. But while we are talking about your investment, here is what most of my packages include.

30-60 min sessions
Locations of choice 
1-3 outfit changes 
Light retouching
Edited pictures in both color & black and white
2-4 week turnaround
1 digital web gallery with packages ranging from 8-20 complimentary downloads
Print Release

IF you really love your session you can opt for a full gallery buy out for $175. This is an awesome deal because I charge $25 per single image, you can download all your images for a flat fee. Many of my galleries range anywhere from 50-200 images!

While I would absolutely love if it you purchase your prints from me, you are not required too. If you choose to print with me you can do all your ordering straight from your web gallery. If you feel you are in need of assistance to print your session, don’t hesitate to set up a print meeting with me. I do not automatically set up these appointments so if this is something you feel like you need, simply drop me a text or email so we can set up a meeting to help you select your prints. If you choose to purchase elsewhere, I do have a series of print posts to help you with all your printing questions from cropping, aspect ratios, and which places to print at and why.

The Value of Printing Your Photos

Aspect Ratios

Pro Lab vs 1 Hour Lab

Print Lab Tests

I recently found myself looking at another photographers work and dreaming of having a session with her. I found myself freaking out about: Am I pretty enough? What if Riley misbehaves? What if I pay extra for flowers and Riley wants nothing to do with them? All these what if’s and then I laughed and realized this is exactly what my clients go through as well. See ya’ll, I am right there with ya!

Picture By: Vanessa Hicks Photography

Picture By: Vanessa Hicks Photography

One of the things that happened when I did that session with Vanessa, not only did the photos come out amazing BUT the she captured us in the most beautiful way that made me wonder why I even doubted myself. And why did I even doubt her? I know as a photographer myself that my mission is to make you and your family look fabulous. I will capture all those smiles, tears, or laughs. I will play with your kids because honestly, standing still and smiling never works for kids.

Kids are kids, and I understand that. When you have a session with me, prepare for a balance of poses with play. Get ready to race to see who can reach me the fastest. Get ready to watch your kids be themselves as they play on the beach or under a tree. I may ask some fun trivia questions, we will take walks, and we will just have fun. My goal is to try to make the nervousness melt away. Things are rarely perfect and that’s okay. We will embrace however the session unravels. If your kiddo needs a snack break, then break out the goldfish snacks and lets see who can catch them in their mouth. If you need a breastfeeding break than we can either take some beautiful breastfeeding pictures to remind you of this special bond you have right now or I can sneak off with the remainder of your family and get some shots of them running around the grass. If your kids only last 20 mins of taking pictures, or if they last an hour. We will take it as is.

After your session, you will receive some sneak peeks of your pictures within 24-48 hours. And like I listed above, you will be emailed your full gallery to choose your favorites within a 2-4 week period.

Once your session is complete, all I ask is that if you have a few moments to leave me a rating on review on both facebook and google and to fill out a survey about how you felt about my service so that I can keep improving. Also anytime you post an image that you tag me so that others can find me if they love your photos just as much as we do and want to get some of their own. And I won’t lie, it brings a smile to my face anytime I see my clients post their favorite images 🙂

If you want photos like these in your photo collection, shoot me an email at and let’s set something up!

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