Mini Stories 6

Wow, I realized I haven’t posted one of these in awhile. Funny thing is that I kept telling myself I needed to do one and then every time I opened the document I couldn’t remember anything. So let’s see how this goes haha!

Word Explosion!

Riley’s use of words is BLOWING our minds. It is just so crazy how we went from just sign language, to 10 words for what seemed like forever to where we are getting complete sentences and even songs now!

Yesterday, we were out at dinner at Anna Millers because she had asked for pancakes. When the waitress came, she promptly asked for her pancakes and said thank you. Shortly after the waitress left, Riley was looking at the specials on the little menu on the table and she saw muffins. She held it up to me and went “Mommy, I don’t want pancakes anymore, I want muffins!” Like say what?! Since when are you able to put together a perfect sentence like that?! She is just growing so fast.

We have also decided to wean her off bottles now. I know, we are little late to the game but it just didn’t feel like the right time til now. Since we’ve done this we have been suddenly interested in music. She often asks me to sing in the car or when we are going to sleep she asks for songs rather than getting read books. (Thank you Jesus cause I needed a break from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Opposites). She amazed me cause she suddenly started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider with me and ABC’s. I cannot get over how cute her little singing voice. But about a week ago, she completely melted my heart and had me shed a few tears. Ever since she was a baby I would sing her Que Sera Sera by Doris Day. I did stop for awhile but with her getting back into music I started singing it again. This night she started singing the words with me and I just couldn’t believe it. I don’t know why I thought it was to complicated of a song or maybe she didn’t listen to it as much since she was usually almost asleep when I’d sing it but here she was, singing all three verses. Kids are just so amazing.


So many of our days at the beach or pool was spent with Riley on our hip or on our back. This little girl LOVED the water but was so afraid to be in it by herself. You know how sometimes you’ll hold them out at arms length and spin them around or help teach them how to swim? Nope. Not Riley. She needed to be connected to you. We had pool floats but even those she was terrified of. I’m not sure exactly what changed or if it was because of going to my friends parents place and they would let her in their pool but in the last couple months Riley is really becoming a little swimmer. We can now put on her little pool float and let her go and she just swims and swims and swims. She thinks it is hilarious to catch your feet or to watch you go underwater and pop back up. I’m so proud of her. We still have a long way but this is huge for little Riley 🙂

I’m 28!

My birthday was earlier this month. We originally didn’t really have anything planned besides going out to eat and then cake later but Riley wanted a birthday party. So I tried to make it a little extra special. She specifically asked for party hats so we bought some plain party hats at target and then decorated them at home with stickers. She LOVED it. She also decided she wanted me to have cupcakes, not cake so she helped me put all the cupcakes together. Then she went down for a nap and when she woke up we went to pick up Daddy and went to Spaghetti Factory. One of the things I like most about Spaghetti Factory is that she eats the healthiest there. She will only eat salad when we go there which is as much veggies as she will probably intake for awhile.

At Spaghetti Factory they actually had these people going around and making special balloons for everyone. Our guy made Riley this cute flower with a flashing light inside and then he made me birthday light up mickey ears on a headband.

Riley had a blast singing me happy birthday and helping me blow out the candle.  While kids can sometimes make things difficult but they also make things so much more fun and amazing too. I love how they can take the small things and just make it so much more fun. I love being able to look at things through the eyes of a child again.

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