September Activities

Oh I am super excited. I just spent like 2 hours just browsing sensory bins and I am excited for the next couple months as we get closer to the holidays. Which that is crazy to even say! Holidays?! Since when are we wrapping up the year already!?

Sept 5  Fruit Loop Bin

For this activity, you will need the following. A Bin, a box of Fruit Loops, some pipe cleaners, and maybe some fun extra toys or shovels for the kids to search and play with. This one is fun because it is also part snack. The kids can sort through the fruit loops. String the loops onto the pipe cleaners and turn them into a bracelet or just dig around, play and make a mess. Bonus points, if you are learning colors, you can also have them name the colored loops or sort them into little containers.

Sept 12  Water & Ball Bin

Since it isn’t getting cold here yet, we still need some time to cool off. For this week I will be filling up our bin with water and balls from our ball pit and then putting two containers on the side. The kids will use spoons to move the balls into the containers as well as being able to just play in the water a little bit.

Sept 19 Jello Bin

This one is another fun one. I imagine it will get a bit messy but it’s a little different than our other ones. With this one I will be making some jello and hiding some ocean animal toys inside. Then the kids will get to dig through the jello to find the toys. And probably eat some jello while they’re at it. I think it will be fun to be little ocean explorers!

Sept 26 Car Wash

I’ve been wanting to do this one for awhile but I wasn’t sure about the mess. But you know what, in the end, getting messy is just more fun. I will be filling half of our bin with some dirt and the other half with some water. I’ve seen this done with animals or cars and the kids pretty much get to make toys dirty and then clean them with toothbrushes, little sponges and of course the clean water.

I hope you join us in these activities this month!

Disclaimer: These are not my images or original activities. I am just organizing them into monthly activity sets to do with my stroller strides kiddos 🙂 You find these images on google or pinterest. 

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