Fall/Halloween Sessions

This year I offered some fall sessions. Even though I only had a few book them, they were so much fun. I personally love love LOVE fall! It is one of the things I really miss about living on the mainland. I love how it gets a little more chilly, how the leaves change. I think it is just so cool. While Hawaii doesn’t really get fall at all, I thought it would be fun to have some fall spirit.

I originally was going to set it up outside but ended up moving it indoors due to the rain soaking my yard. But in the end, it was so fun and cute.

The first little one was little Malachi. At only 3 months old, he is just the cutest little thing! I cannot wait to see this little man grow cause he is just gonna be the cutest with all his baby chunk. Hapa babies are seriously the best.

Ain’t he just so handsome?!

The next little one was quite a bit afraid of being on the set. But we did manage to get a few of sweet little Moani before the waterworks. Poor darling, we tried so hard by removing things out of the backdrop, showing her our birds and bunny outside. Don’t ever feel bad that your little one doesn’t smile or interact with the set. Sure if they did it makes it easy, but it is totally understandable for them to be scared or shy especially if it is a new place and new people.

That last one reminds me of when we took Riley to see Santa at that age. There was a legit progression of okay..this guy is different… Then she grew a little more worried, and then there was the outburst of tears. It is all apart of the memories. One day they will look back and laugh at it and probably even see it in their own kids way down the line. Kids are the best!

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