Kristin & Jess

Kristin and Jess had just the most perfect of wedding days. They and some of their close friends all flew down to Hawaii to have a beautiful little wedding. They were funny as we were setting everything up that they really weren’t even sure where to have it when they got here. They ended up just saying “Let’s just go to the beach across from the rental!” and was it the best decision ever! We walked over and had a beautiful sunset as they said their vows and I Do’s. Vows that I couldn’t get over the words of love they said for each other that brought both laughter and tears. I laughed that just as I thought the sunset couldn’t get any more beautiful, it would get more and more golden. My favorite part was the way they left. Their friend parked and decorated a convertible and we did a few quick photos and then they drove it back across the street. It was short but soooo much fun! I couldn’t help be record it for myself as well.

For me this wedding was also my first same gender wedding and I just loved it. I couldn’t get over how their smiles and dresses just lit up against that sunset. I loved it was small and it allows me to move around and capture their day better than if it was something large. It was simple, not rushed, and so chill as it barely had a schedule to it and that is what makes a relaxing wedding where they really got to enjoy it. And not to toot my own horn but I also feel like this wedding for me was such an achievement just because I can see how much my work has gotten better in the last few years. If I compared these to weddings I did 5-10 years ago, it is such a huge difference and I am just so thankful for everyone who has supported me and come along on this journey so I can keep making beautiful work for people to cherish.

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