2019 Pricing Packages

New Year, New Prices!

I decided to make two packages this year! Memory packages and Keepsake packages. Memory packages are going to my cheaper offer. It is perfect for those looking those few family photos to hang on the wall or announcing your big family moments.  All of my turn around times stay the same with a sneak peek coming your way within 48 hours after your session and 2-4 weeks for you to receive your gallery. Galleries still easily hold anywhere from 50-250 images with both color and black/white images and are all lightly retouched.

Memory sessions only come with 15 images. If you receive your gallery and decide you love it all and want to upgrade to a Keepsake package. You can do so for $250.

If you know right off the bat that you are going to want all of your images in your session then the Keepsake Session is the best for you! You will save yourself $50 by choosing this package right off the bat and not upgrading from the Memory session upon seeing your gallery.

I personally love the Keepsake sessions because it doesn’t make you choose which images are your absolute favorite. You get to see all those little moments leading up to your favorite pictures and you won’t have any regrets about choosing one photo over another. I don’t know about you but I like to have all those candid smiles and silly moments.


For choosing to do a Maternity/newborn combo, I decided to start the Memory session by giving you $25 off and an extra 5 images per session. If you want to upgrade later you can always do so at $250 per gallery bringing it up to $825 or $1,075 depending on if you add just one of the galleries or both.

If you choose to go straight in for the Keepsake package for the combo you will be saving $150 and you will get every single image from both of your sessions.


I am super excited about this new offer! Riley asked me for rainbows for her birthday and instead of just doing a rainbow backdrop I decided to let her paint her little heart out. I got a white backdrop, white canvas, and a little white dress and let her go nuts. It was so much fun to watch as well as seeing her little painting at the end.

This is a bit more than a cake smash to help cover the costs of the backdrop, canvas, paint, and number. If you choose this package, you get to take home your kids painting and number (for me, I glued the number to her painting). You will get all the images from the session and I totally invite you to do a time lapse and take video during this session. Don’t worry, If you don’t know how to do a time lapse, I will help you 🙂

I will also make a fun 8×8 collage print like the one you see of Riley below.

I apologize I will not be doing a cheaper Memory package for this type of session.

Last but not least, while I am focusing on primarily doing family and kid photography, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a wedding package. This one hasn’t changed very much from last year. If you are getting married, please email me at sharon@sharonholck.com . This way I can get your custom quote for your exact needs.

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